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How to Make a Pitfall Bug Trap – Easy Kids Science Project

Today, we are answering the question, What insects live in my yard? This particular project posed a few problems where my own children were concerned: They were away for the weekend, camping with my sister. They hate bugs. They hate anything that might be related to bugs. Did I mention that they are not at all interested in small things that have 6 and 8 legs? No, not at all. So I knew I wanted to do a project dealing with creepy crawly things, because some kids are interested in those, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Joe and … Read more

My Balding Cat (Or How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Cat)

PetArmor for Cats Review

This is a sponsored post. The day before I signed the papers to buy my home, I picked up two kittens from a local shelter. I called them George and Gracie. (My mom suggested those names, of course a nod to the Burns and Allen comedy team.) Unfortunately, George died about six weeks later, and Gracie turned out to be the most neurotic cat ever. But look at her. She’s beautiful, and her fur is as soft as the softest bunny’s. Being neurotic as she is, she spends about twenty hours a day in my closet, sleeping on old bath towels. … Read more