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How to Keep Your Water Bottle Cold All Day

It’s summer vacation! It is here, anyway, so I hope it’s summer vacation where ever you live. For Grace and I, summer vacation means lots of hikes, picnics, and other outings. I always pack lots of snacks for us – Sweet N Salty bars, fruity snacks, nuts, and fresh fruit. I also pack water bottles. Warm water is the antithesis of refreshing, especially if it’s a hot day. To keep the water in our water bottles icy cold, I use this tip: Freeze the water bottle Fill your water bottles 1/3 full and freeze them. Keep the water bottles in … Read more

We Are NOT Buying More Bottles

When Grace turned one, we attempted to wean her from bottles. It took a few months weeks. She is a strong-willed child, and we didn’t want the bottle to be a huge drama-filled battle. Instead, we dropped them gradually, replacing each with a cup of milk. There were no problems. No crying. No tantrums. Except. We never got rid of the bedtime bottle. We tried. We offered her a snack and a cup of milk at the dining room table. She refused it, went to her bedroom, and asked for her bottle. We offered her a snack and a cup … Read more