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She’s So Beautiful

She's So Beautiful

Tha’ Sissy! Allie grinned, pointing to Barbie’s beautiful face on a toy. Sissy! “That does look like Sissy, doesn’t it?” I said, noting the pretty blond hair, the high eyebrows, the light eyes, the pink lips, and the bright smile. It did look like Grace, like the best version of her. Yes. Tha’ Sissy. She declared as if she’d solved a complex puzzle. “Aww, isn’t that sweet?” Grace said. The tone of her voice sounded almost incredulous. I wanted to pry, to ask if she believed she’s so pretty, but I was afraid. I was afraid to crack the foundation of … Read more

I’m Being Kinder to Myself

How do you feel about yourself? I feel okay about myself. I have strengths and weaknesses, but overall, I am what I am. How do you feel about your body? Not so okay. I would like to change my body, but I’ve never stuck with any plan long enough to lose the 180 pounds that I would like to lose. Something has always gotten in my way (an injury, a pregnancy, depression). I get in my own way plenty, too. I’m not willing to have surgery to lose weight. But still, I would like to change my weight. I would … Read more