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Happy Birthday, Grace!

My big girl turned 4 last week. For the first time ever, I did not get teary about her birthday. Why, you ask? Because I don’t have time to be teary. I have a little baby who wants me to hold her 24/7 and eats every time I stand up to do something. It’s life. Also? (This is twisted, I will readily admit. I don’t like it. I really dislike it, in fact.) My little baby is so little and needy and demanding that I no longer wish Grace to be little again. I’m perfectly okay with her growing up … Read more

How to Throw a Simple Princess Birthday Party for a Preschooler

Simple & easy DIY Disney princess birthday party for preschoolers - My 3-year-old loved this party. Complete with ideas for favors and goodie bags, activities, food, crafts, and games. Because the party was outside, we had only basic decorations. Easy to do on a budget or with toddlers. Served cupcakes instead of a big cake and kids decorated them at the party.

I put a little party together this past weekend for Grace’s third birthday. We’d already had the family party, but Grace asked (for the first time ever) to invite her friends to the party. We invited her whole class – 12 kids – plus a family that we’re good friends with. I was afraid that they’d all show up, and I’d be seriously outmatched, but we ended up with 9 kids. Perfect! Princess Party Invitations The invitations were not fancy. They were a free download; I printed them at home and wrote in the relevant info. Princess Party Location The … Read more

Happy Third Birthday, Pumpkin!

Grace’s birthday makes me heartsick. It forces me to admit that she’s growing up. I can’t even read the post I wrote last year, about her second birthday, without melting into a puddle of tears, breathless and nauseous. Do all mothers feel this way? Don’t tell me if the answer is no. I can’t handle the truth. The “terrible twos” missed us. For almost all of the past year, Grace was sweet and charming. We scarcely had a terrible moment in the first 10 months of this year. The last two months, no so much. Wonderful as two was for … Read more

A Great Birthday

Even though her party isn’t officially until Saturday, I wanted to do a little something for Grace’s birthday. She already knows that birthdays are special days, so I wanted to make hers memorable. Donuts for breakfast. A treat to share with her friends at day care. A trip to a local farm to visit the cheekens (chickens), geeses (geese), kerkeys (turkeys), doodle dos (roosters), and gee hens (guinea hens). A special supper of hot dogs and French fries. Cake with candles and a couple of presents. Singing “Hacky birday to Gracie” at every possible opportunity. If any of these were … Read more