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December Birthday Ideas – Do’s and Don’ts of Celebrating a Birthday During Christmas

Allie’s birthday is December 28, three days after Christmas. The poor girl has a birthday between Christmas and New Year’s. Talk about rotten luck. I remember that December 24 and 25 and 26 and 27 and 28 in 2010, and I remember how long the days were and how much I hated being on bedrest and how uncomfortable I was. I was so ready to have the baby out and be done with pregnancy bedrest. Even though she was a couple of weeks early (like four), she was born because my blood pressure was so high. And she lost the birthday … Read more

My Second Child’s Third Birthday Party

Allie’s third birthday was last Saturday. It made me sad, not for the reason you’re probably thinking (the she’s growing up so fast! sentimental one), but rather because I was worried that she’s totally getting cheated. For one thing, her birthday is three days after Christmas and three days before New Year’s Eve. It is smack dab in the middle of insane busy-ness, at a time when planning or attending one more thing feels like a complete impossibility. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But yet, it IS her birthday, and she IS entitled to a special day, just as Grace has had many … Read more

Grace’s Birthday Party Part Two (featuring Glad’s One Bag Challenge & a giveaway)

Glad One Bag Challenge

We are more eco-conscious than most families. We use reusable dishes in lieu of paper plates or plastic silverware and cups. We compost all of our plant-based waste, and we grow worms in our basement. Our motives are partly cost and partly environmental. Reusable products cost a little more at the beginning, but offer tremendous savings over disposable alternatives. More than that, though, reusable products leach fewer chemicals into our food. Most of all,  reusable products allow me to preserve our beautiful world for Grace and Allie’s children. And also? There’s no better plant food than worm castings (that’s a … Read more

Grace’s Build-A-Bear Workshop Birthday Party

Build-A-Bear Workshop Birthday Party

This year, Grace’s birthday party was at Build-A-Bear Workshop, and it was her best party ever. She says that every year (and so do I), but this year, it was true. This was my least labor intensive party ever, but it was also her most expensive party ever. Here’s the crew after the Build-A-Bear part of the party but before cake and ice cream. They look like they’re ready for a break, right? That’s the beauty of it! This was an active party where everyone was involved. Before A Build-A-Bear Workshop Party Build-A-Bear people (what do you call them?) called … Read more

How to Throw a Simple Princess Birthday Party for a Preschooler

Simple & easy DIY Disney princess birthday party for preschoolers - My 3-year-old loved this party. Complete with ideas for favors and goodie bags, activities, food, crafts, and games. Because the party was outside, we had only basic decorations. Easy to do on a budget or with toddlers. Served cupcakes instead of a big cake and kids decorated them at the party.

I put a little party together this past weekend for Grace’s third birthday. We’d already had the family party, but Grace asked (for the first time ever) to invite her friends to the party. We invited her whole class – 12 kids – plus a family that we’re good friends with. I was afraid that they’d all show up, and I’d be seriously outmatched, but we ended up with 9 kids. Perfect! Princess Party Invitations The invitations were not fancy. They were a free download; I printed them at home and wrote in the relevant info. Princess Party Location The … Read more