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How to Make an Amazing Princess Castle Cake

how to make a princess castle cake

In my poll of readers and Twitter friends, 6 moms said there’s no way they’d try to make the cake and 3 said they would try it. I would think it’s clear by now which group I’m in. I saw the cake and thought, “I could totally make that.” I’m ambitious and creative and patient. I thought the cake was totally impressive, I knew Grace would love it, and I was up to the challenge. If I weren’t pregnant, I think it would have been a lot easier, but it was tough to finish. I’m thankful that my  sister was … Read more

Leftover Cake

For Grace’s big birthday party, I made an Elmo cake. However. When you’re making an Elmo cake, you have to cut off any part of the cake that is unlevel. I thought it was a bummer to throw cake into the garbage. A real shame. Grace thought so, too, and she heaped the leftover icing onto the cake trimmings, and she ate them.