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Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts a Preschooler Can Make for Other Kids

Gifts Your Preschooler Can Make for Kids Pretend Mailbox – This has to be one of our most successful crafty projects. We made it from a square cardboard box, and we covered it with craft paper. Grace has played with this mailbox all the time since we made it, at least several times every single week. If you decorated this mailbox, it would be an awesome gift for another kid. Don’t forget to include some letters inside! Heart crayons – I’ve seen these recycled crayons all over the internet, but I chose this one to feature because the post includes … Read more

Our Spatchcocked Turkey

spatchcocked turkey

We’ve tried a number of different methods to cook our Thanksgiving turkey over the years. We’ve brined, seasoned, basted, and botched up our turkey. Last year, we spatchcocked our Thanksgiving turkey, and the results were awesome. What is spatchcocking? Simply put, spatchcocking means cutting a bird so that it lays flat in the pan. Joe used my heaviest shears to cut along the backbone of the turkey. He opened it up in the roasting pan, leaned on the breast to break it, then smeared olive oil over the flattened bird. That’s it. Why spatchcock? Last year, our 24-pound turkey cooked … Read more

How A Bird Nest Rocked My World

A few days ago, Grace ran in the house, two steps ahead of Joe, both of them breathless. Come see! Come see! “Come see what, guys?” I asked, slightly irked that they were taking me away from the important task at hand. There’s a big mess in my house! “There’s a big mess in your house? How did your house get a big mess in it?” A bird put it there! “Why did a bird put a big mess in your house?” It was making a nest! In my house! “It made a nest in your house? Can I see … Read more