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24 Bible Verses on Illness & Healing – Biblical Encouragement for Living with a Chronic Illness

Biblical encouragement for living with chronic illness - Advice and tips on coping and thriving with feelings, thoughts, and words of advice. Encouraging Bible verses for Christians.

As I shared on Tuesday, I know what it’s like to live with a chronic illness. I don’t claim to know what it’s like to deal with constant physical pain or body parts that don’t work or are missing, but I do know a little about being unable to function or having to ask for accommodations in your life and work. In addition to bipolar disorder, I suffer from narcolepsy which makes me extremely sleepy a lot of the time, and I take daily medicine for both of those and a few other chronic issues. I share this not for … Read more

What It Feels Like to Have a Bipolar Manic Episode

What it feels like to have a bipolar manic episode - Symptoms and signs of mania. Thoughts on recognizing mania in your life.

A sweet reader named Sam wrote to me recently and asked if I could write something about chronic illness and faith. I said I would and immediately started writing what follows. The trouble is that it took a very different turn from what I intended, and when I felt finished, I had not written much at all about chronic illness in general but just specifically about my own bipolar manic episode which is a story that needs telling for a number of reasons: I almost always write here super helpful, mostly actionable posts with numbered lists. I write numbered lists … Read more

I Want to Wake Up to a World Where Robin Williams is Alive

I want badly to wake up tomorrow to a world where Robin Williams is still alive. I want to wake up to a world in which Mrs. Doubtfire and Aladdin’s Genie and Sean Maguire did not succumb to mental illness. I want to wake up to a world where suicide is not the 10th leading cause of death in America. I want to wake up to a world in which major depression and bipolar disorder are treated like illnesses instead of scarlet letters. I want to wake up to a world that embraces genius and supports the fragility and instability that so … Read more

Lonely But Never Alone

Two weeks ago (on the first day of the Type-A Conference), a man came into our yard and destroyed all the plants in front of and beside our house. Grace watched from the window (the girls were home with a babysitter) while the man’s weed eater mowed down plant after plant. Purple coneflower, black-eyed susans, cranesbill geraniums, dianthus, liatris, balloon flower, bee balm, peonies, columbine, roses, all gone. Asparagus, gone. Raspberries, gone. Shrubs, gone. He did leave half of my lavender bush, a few sticks of one rose bush, most of a yucca, and about a third of a hellebore. In an … Read more


I am exhausted. My mind and body ache for sleep. I lay down in bed next to Joe, and I feel awkward. My pillow feels wrong; the sheets are scratchy. The covers are too warm. The cat is purring on my pillow. My hair is touching my shoulder, and my skin itches all over my body. And then I realize the real problem. It’s not my pillow, my sheets, the covers, the cat, my hair, or my skin. I forgot to take my evening dose of bipolar medicine. Again. This happens at least once a week. It happens so often … Read more


I think I was abducted by aliens earlier this year. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for the big chunk of Allie’s little baby days that are missing in my mind. The time in between colic and crawling is gone. I don’t remember it. It’s as if I wasn’t even here, wiped clean from my conscious mind. The colic, I remember. The constant screaming, hour after hour, and nothing seemed to make it better and we just got used to her screaming like it was the ticking of the clock because it was the only thing we … Read more