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How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree

  I first learned about the Jesse Tree from a now defunct blog way back in 2009. I fully embraced the idea, creating fancy felt ornaments that first year and writing and rewriting devotions for my young family over the next couple of Christmas seasons. Eventually, at the urging of my local friends, I compiled my devotions into a (very rough) printable devotional for families with young children. I passed it out far and wide, and lots of friends were able to use it. A few years after that, when that early free ebook had been downloaded over 10,000 times, … Read more

50 Bible Verses Every Christian Kid Should Memorize

The best 50 Bible verses every Christian kid should memorize - These simple and easy verses for kids are encouraging and easy to memorize. The inspirational truths can help behavior and assist in parenting. They are short and easy for children to learn. Great for daily, weekly, or monthly scriptures, this list of verses is perfect for school or home.

I may have come to the church as an adult, but my husband and I are determined that our children should grow up in the church. The stories of the Bible are their stories, the traditions of the church are their traditions. The lingo of the church is their lingo. Part of being a part of the church is learning scriptures. I have posted before on how to memorize scripture as a family, but what verses exactly are you supposed to memorize with your kids? I compiled the list below, focusing on shorter, simpler, and easier verses that would have … Read more

36 Quotes & Bible Verses for When You’re Having a Bad Day

36 Quotes & Bible Verses for when you're having a bad day - This inspiration and encouragement from God can turn around a bad day. You need a pick me up and Christian inspiration when you're having a bad day. At home, at work, or in any area of life, these scriptures and words from Jesus Christ and others are motivation to cheer you up. What to do one a bad day to fix your attitude and feel better. Great for mom but appropriate for all women, men, and teens too.

So far, you have survived 100% of your bad days. You can survive this one, too. I saw that quote on Pinterest and loved it. I’ve been thinking about bad days a lot lately, ever since hearing about the suicide of Kate Spade. I wasn’t especially interested in her or the company bearing her name, but I was saddened to hear that another celebrity took her own life. This brought up my old feelings from the death of Robin Williams, which I considered then and still to be a great tragedy for American culture. It brought up feelings about mental … Read more

45 Bible Verses About Having A Strong & Healthy Marriage

45 Bible Verses about how to have a strong healthy marriage - Problems in marriage can often be solved through a lot of prayer, hard work, and maybe counseling. These scriptures on love and marriage can be read by husband or wife or together as a couple. The words of God and Jesus Christ can give truth and faith to your wedding or life. Beautiful encouragement.

Marriage is hard. Can I get an amen? Joe and I had a huge fight earlier this week. It all started because Joe told Grace not to do something because it was bedtime. He told her she could do it in the morning. She did it anyway. I had no intention of intervening because I knew I was not going to take the girls to bed for another half hour or so, and I knew she had plenty of time to complete the project. Joe was mad that I didn’t step in. He felt like his instructions were ignored (which … Read more

How to Study the Bible – 13 Creative & Unique Methods

13 creative & unique ways to study the bible - how to for beginners including kids (boys and girls), teens, young adults, men, and women. Great for spiritual growth and understanding of the Good Book. Includes ideas for notebooks and journals as well as the SOAP method, Bible journaling, and others. Simple, awesome, and fun tips for learning to get started studying scriptures.

  I am an academic at heart. I like words; I like to study. This love of course extends to the Bible. I have a variety of Bibles at home, including my favorite study Bible, a chronological Bible, a moms’ devotional Bible, and a journaling Bible, and a few of them are on my Kindle. Studying the Bible is a whole different proposition because it is not something that has come naturally to me. I wasn’t raised by parents who studied or read the Bible ever, and when I became a Christian, I didn’t really know what to do. I … Read more

17 Encouraging Bible Verses to Start Your Day – Free Printable

Morning quiet time Bible verses for teens or women - Scripture to start the day. The Words of God are perfect to study first thing in the morning. These encouraging Bible verses will give you the uplifting boost of truth that you need in the morning. Great routine to start for life. Beautiful thoughts and ideas on the words of Jesus. Inspiration, motivation, and encouragement for moms and all women. Great daily reminder to overcome challenges with faith and peace.

Five years ago, I wrote that it was impossible for me to get up early and have quiet time. I was working evenings, starting around 4 and ending around midnight, and getting up an extra hour early just seemed totally out of my reach. Then something miraculous happened. I accepted a job that required “normal” working hours during the morning and afternoon. I started taking my kids to bed around 9pm and falling asleep and staying asleep. And then, suddenly, I was able to get up early for the first time in my entire life. It makes so much stupid … Read more