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12 Bedtime Questions to Ask Your Kids

I know that some parents hate bedtime, but it has always been such a sweet, special part of my day. I cherish the moments when I lie in bed with my girls, talking and sharing and connecting in a way that doesn’t seem to happen when the lights are on. We never deviate from our bedtime routine. Kids find order and stability in routine, and it really helps to get them settled down and ready for sleeping. Here’s our routine:   Clean up the toy messes in the living room and in their bedroom. Brush teeth. Put on jammies. Read … Read more

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

13 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep - These are great ideas featuring essential oils! So easy!

The biggest physical complain I hear from my friends and women in my family is that they aren’t getting good quality sleep. Some have kids who wake them up and then it takes forever to go back to sleep. Others can’t fall asleep to begin with. Two are going into their last trimester of pregnancy and have to pee all night long. Lack of good sleep is a “public health epidemic,” according to the Centers for Disease Control. A study they conducted in 2009 found that 28% of Americans reported falling asleep unintentionally in the last month. That’s a lot of people needing … Read more

Ninety-nine and Sixty Hundred Xs and Os

Because I work in the evenings, Joe puts our girls to bed every night (except for Saturday, when I don’t work and take the pleasure). I wish I could take them to bed every night because I love bedtime, but I do get them all day long. And I have to work at some point. And also, I probably wouldn’t love bedtime so much if I had to do it every night. For the longest time (years!), Grace fought bedtime every. single. night. It was as if Joe were threatening to steal her away to live in another house with … Read more

Bedtime With Children

Bedtime with Children

Before we were parents, Joe and I had big ideas about parenthood. Doesn’t everyone? In our happy world, we tucked our children into their beds every night at 7:30 pm, read them a story, and kissed their little foreheads. Joe and I enjoyed quiet time together, and I had plenty of uninterrupted time to work from home. They awoke around 8 the next morning, happy and ready for breakfast. Then we actually had some kids. And, well, you know. Things haven’t exactly turned out the way we intended. Here’s how bedtime goes down. Bedtime begins in the afternoon when Allie … Read more

Making up a Toddler Bed

Gracie has moved from her crib into a toddler bed. She loves the new bed. If we’re in her room in the middle of the afternoon, she will climb into her bed and pretend to sleep. It’s a cute little game we play. If you ask her about the big move, she’ll tell you that the new bed is her baby bed. She’s very attached to the baby title, which might be an annoying problem when she’s, say, 19, but for now is just cute. Since there won’t be any more babies coming along, she can keep that moniker. In … Read more

I’m Back to Rocking My Baby

If you’ve been reading Feels like Home for a while, you might remember that I rocked my baby to sleep every night of her first year. Somewhere around her first birthday, Grace stopped allowing me to rock her to sleep, instead preferring her daddy to do it. I pouted a little, but after I thought about it, I was glad to give them time alone together and happy for some quiet time for myself. I didn’t rock Grace to sleep a single time during the next seven or eight months. Not even once. If I tried, she would tell me … Read more