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One Dresser, Four Ways

A few months ago, I showed you the new Sauder dresser I ordered online. Above is what it looks like on the Sauder website, not what it looks like at the Ziegmont home. It started out in our playroom, full of stuffed animals and other toys. But we got the girls a huge bunk bed and had to rearrange the entire upstairs. The room that used to be the playroom (the room with hot pink walls) was the only room big enough to accommodate the bed, so it became the bedroom. We had to move the dressers and play kitchen into … Read more

The Unfortunate Potato Chip Incident

potato chip incident

Most days of the week, my girls wake me up in the morning. They are naturally early risers, and I have narcolepsy, which would allow me to sleep approximately 20 out of any given 24-hour period. I make my best effort to sleep lightly, but it never matters and the children run amok for at least a few minutes before they think to come and rouse their mother. Not long ago, their amok running involved a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips in my bedroom. Sometimes, they find their own breakfast. The bag of potato chips remained under … Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Rest of the Room

This week, I explained how to thoroughly clean your toilet and sink. But there’s more to a bathroom than the toilet and the sink. Unless it’s a half bath, but even so, you’ve got a floor and a trash can and more. So how do you spring clean the rest? Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom Clean your toilet. Clean your sink. Don’t forget the vanity and area under the sink. Wipe it off inside and out, remove anything that belongs somewhere else, and replace the items that belong inside. Remove everything from your medicine cabinet, if you have one. Purge the … Read more

Grace’s New Bedroom: Done (For the Moment)

All three coats of hot pink paint on Grace’s walls are dry (and they have been for more than a week). We put her beloved race car bed into storage and hauled out her crib to convert into a toddler day bed. Never having used them as a baby, Grace thought the bumpers that came with her bedding were just so cool. She insisted they be tied onto the sides and back of her day bed. In a moment of temporary brilliance, I tied the remaining bumper on to act as a soft bed rail. It’s not terribly sturdy, but … Read more