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Allison’s Birth Story – The Induction

Did you read part one of Allie’s birth story? The Contractions In week 35, I started having contractions. For four weeks, I had painful contractions that felt real. I’d have them every 10 minutes for two or three hours, then they would stop. Each time, I was convinced that I was going into labor. I worried that it was too early, that the baby would be in danger. The days were long and difficult and made worse by the pain and anticipation of frequent contractions. During week 37, there was a question about my amniotic fluid. My obstetrician’s receptionist called … Read more

Allison’s Birth Story – The Back Story

Telling a story means reliving it. The emotions and the physical feelings, the good and the bad. It all comes rushing back. For months, I have been reluctant to relive Allison’s birth. It was too hard. I started talking about Allie’s birth to my friend Julia not long ago. Talking to Julia about it led to talking about it on Twitter and thinking about it more often. I am finally ready to accept the experience, to lay out the details, to share it publicly. It happened. I can’t change it. It happened, and it’s okay. It’s about time. The Back … Read more


Since yesterday, when I woke up in the morning with pink eye and (being contagious) subsequently instructed not to visit the hospital for 24 hours, I have been wondering why this is happening. Not why in the why me sense. Why me is self pity. It has no productive purpose. Why is the what am I supposed to learn from this sense is different. That’s what I’ve been trying to focus on. What am I supposed to learn from these illnesses? Be Humble I have a tendency to believe myself to be a little more important than I am. I … Read more


This pregnancy has been so very different from my first in so many ways. It’s been physically different, emotionally different, and it’s becoming more and more different as the end approaches. When I was pregnant with Grace, Joe and I prepared the nursery months ahead of time. The crib was set up, the rocker/recliner in place, and the walls decorated before I entered my third trimester. Shelves were erected, filled, and organized. We bought supplies, a stuffed chair, toys, and I can’t tell you what else. Characteristically, I went totally overboard. We crafted. Joe painted a train using the letters … Read more