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Roasted Red Beets with Feta Cheese

Healthy roasted red beets recipe with feta cheese - This healthy side dish is baked in the oven with oil and balsamic vinegar for perfect veggies, every time! Low carb and gluten free.

My Grandma is 89. She lives alone, far away from me, but she is, and has always been, one of the most important people in my life. Until I was 9, my sisters, parents, and I lived in a trailer on Grandma’s 100-plus acres in northwest Pennsylvania. My parents tended an expansive garden near our trailer, and Grandma tended an even larger one at her house. I have more Grandma stories than I could ever recount. Baking her a birthday cake (full of eggshells) with my cousins. Falling in the creek (crick) “by accident.” Mowing her grass. Showing up at … Read more

Coconut Macaroons Recipe (Gluten-Free)

We have been doing a lot of baking this holiday season, both gluten-free and regular. Our most recent creation was this coconut macaroon recipe which is delightfully gluten-free, a surprise to me. I thought coconut macaroons usually had flour in them, but when Allie and I made these coconut macaroons last week, there was no flour in them whatsoever. Allie and I love to cook together, and this was, of course, a fun experience. In fact, the recipe is so easy that she was able to do most of it all by herself, and she’s only 5!    Print Recipe Coconut … Read more

Easy Homemade Raspberry Pie

Easy Homemade Raspberry Pie Recipe

A couple of weeks ago, my sister said to me, “Do you want to come over to my friend’s house to pick raspberries?” It was 10 am and already about 96 degrees. “Not really,” I replied. “How about I give you a bucket and you pick them?” She declined. In the end, I went with her to pick raspberries, resigning myself to having sweat dripping down into my eyes and rolling down my back. I was hoping to net enough berries for a pie. I’d never eaten raspberry pie, but it sounded good. I came home with about 6 quarts … Read more

What to Substitute for Eggs in Baking

what to substitute for eggs in baking

Our Easter was interesting. You know that I don’t dwell on the drama (and there always is some, isn’t there?), but this Easter had a lot of {ahem} bumps in the road. I got a stomach ache at church that lasted all day. Joe overcooked the (delicious) ham, leaving it dry and crispy. I told Joe to put the carrot soufflé in the microwave instead of the oven, and it turned into charcoal and broke my Pampered Chef stoneware. It was just a Murphy’s Law kind of meal. Partway through dinner, I remembered that I hadn’t made anything for dessert. … Read more

Lemony Slice and Bake Cookies

lemony slice and bakes

  I am not usually a fan of lemon desserts. There’s no reason in particular, I just prefer the creamy sweetness of chocolate or cheesecake to the tart sweetness of lemon. However. I participated in a cookie swap at my MOPS group last month. My favorite cookie from the whole event was a very small cookie drizzled with a thin glaze. The cookies were sweet and tasted like grapefruit to me, so I was shocked when my friend said they were simple lemon cookies. She proceeded to explain exactly she made them. Simple indeed. I have to pause also to … Read more

3 Baking Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

can I double a cake recipe

After the wasteful extravagance of Grace’s first birthday party, I realized that two cakes were one too many. I would make just one cake for Allie’s birthday. Grace asked me to make triple chocolate cake again. It sounded like a good idea, but I worried that it wouldn’t make enough cake. I baked that cake for my dad’s birthday, and it served five people. Granted, we ate like pigs because it was completely and utterly amazing, but still. Five people. Knowing that we’d be serving cake to at least 10 people, I decided to double the cake recipe and put … Read more