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10 Fun Family Activities for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to have fun as a family. It’s not too hot or too cold, so we can go outside pretty much every day. It gives kids a chance to watch, listen, smell, touch, and taste new all kinds of new things. It gives them a chance to give their senses a workout every time they’re outside. Today, I swept all the dead leaves off of our back porch. There were a lot of leaves and a lot of obstacles; it took most of an hour. The girls turned my bucket of rainwater into a mound of … Read more

Autumn Wreath Craft for Kids (Even Preschoolers!)

Autumn Wreath Craft for Kids (It's easy enough for preschoolers, too!)

I was wondering around the craft store few weeks ago, without my kids (which never happens!), when the fall flowers caught my eye. Each stem was 79¢, 99¢, or $1.29. I bet they’d be even cheaper now being that Thanksgiving merchandise is already on clearance. Because, you know, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. So anyway, I was there and I thought all the flowers were pretty and that the girls would really like them. I bought an assortment, picked up wreath forms, and went happily home to help the girls make fall wreath crafts. I’m sure this is … Read more

Glittered Acorn Craft for Kids

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of glittered acorns and explained that we were in the middle of lots of projects, but that I simply hadn’t had the time to edit photos or post them. I don’t have any more free time now than then (do you?) but I did manage to get one of our projects (my favorite recent one!) written up to share. It’s good timing because I am starting to see the fall and Thanksgiving supplies go on clearance in the stores, so you should be able to do these crafts for cheap (that is, if … Read more

10 Fun Fall Activities for the Whole Family

10 Fun Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Any day can be a big day. Isn’t that kind of the point of my blog? Live fully every day. Make them all count. I am not exactly the mother I intended to be (or imagined I would be), but I try to make every day with my kids count. Even when we have to stay home and clean the living room or do schoolwork that’s not thrilling or when someone is sick or the kitchen is dirty or the cupboards are bare, we can have a great day. Scholastic and Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® also want parents to know that every day can … Read more

The Hay Slide and Horse-Shaped Swing

Last weekend, we took a break from painting pumpkins and acorns and we went to a garden center where there was lots of hay and a horse-shaped swing made out of a rubber tire. Fun times. My girls played on a hay slide for a half hour. Up and down, rolling over and over. Pretend to be falling and then slip so slowly over the edge! Head first, feet first, on their bellies like penguins. It was fun to watch. Probably even more fun to do. ‘ And this horse. I have pictures of both girls on this horse last … Read more