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The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Moms & Kids

You already know that I am a reader. I read constantly, day and night. I mostly listen to audiobooks, but not all books are available as audiobooks and I do read some words on my Kindle or, as a very last resort, on paper books. (I only say as a very last resort because paper books are so bulky and prevent me from reading in the dark without a separate book light.) I have read all sorts of books lately, and I have all sorts of favorites where my kids are concerned, and I wanted to share with you some … Read more

117 Best Book to Movie Pairings for Kids, Teens, & Families – Part 2 (D-J)

The best book movie adaptations for kids, teens, and families. Even adults will love these pairings. Awesome picture books, kids books, and young adult books with movies to compare. Includes Harry Potter and both fiction and nonfiction, lots of stories about real life and fantasy. Great for homeschool.

I was going to make this enormous list of 117 book-movie pairings into a single post, but when I crested 6,000 words, I realized that no one would ever read that much of it and decided to break it into more manageable chunks. This is part 2. Click here for part 1, which is all of the movies starting with the letter A through C. The Best Book to Movie Pairings for Kids & Families – Part 2 (D-J) Davy Crockett (picture book/full-length biography/1955 Disney movie) You probably already know the story of Davy Crocket (Davy, Davy Crocket, king of the … Read more

The 40 Best Audiobooks for Kids and Families

Wow, such a great list! These are the best audiobooks for kids and families! There are so many new and classic books here, definitely something for everyone for road trips or just listening at home. All roadtrips are better with audio books! Everything from fun books to serious ones. Great to listen with your parents.

Whenever we are in the car, my family is listening to audiobooks. It’s just the way we roll. We have listened to dozens of them in the last few years. I know a lot of people let their kids watch movies in the car, and that is all well and good, but why would you watch a movie when you could listen to the same story in the much richer, more creative, more inspiring form in which it was originally written? In a couple of weeks, we are going on a 510-mile (each way) car trip. Google maps says it should … Read more