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Our Family Bed

Just after publishing When Breast Isn’t Best (where I was thinking a lot about the pressures that we put on moms and the guilt that follows and how parents have to make hard choices based on what’s best for our whole families), I saw a Tweet from my friend, Sara, about her post called “The Family Bed: When Did You Stop Co-Sleeping?” Sara explained how each of her three children slept in her bed or in their own bed, by their choice or by the necessity of the situation. She did what was best for her family – for each … Read more

8 Books for New Big Sisters

The best big sister books for when you have or are expecting a new baby - Older siblings need reassurance and gifts when the new baby comes. Children need reassurance that life will go on and older kids won't be forgotten. Reading stories about families like theirs will help a lot.

When I wrote about Grace’s big sister gift, several readers emailed to ask why I hadn’t included any big sister books in the backpack. The simple answer is that I’ve gone well overboard in that area, and we have a handful of big sister books already. Here are the ones that we like: What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home by Heidi Murkoff This book is very detailed. It explains why the baby needs so much attention, why it needs to be fed, why it can’t do anything by itself, and on and on. Grace has never sit … Read more

I’m Back to Rocking My Baby

If you’ve been reading Feels like Home for a while, you might remember that I rocked my baby to sleep every night of her first year. Somewhere around her first birthday, Grace stopped allowing me to rock her to sleep, instead preferring her daddy to do it. I pouted a little, but after I thought about it, I was glad to give them time alone together and happy for some quiet time for myself. I didn’t rock Grace to sleep a single time during the next seven or eight months. Not even once. If I tried, she would tell me … Read more

He knows what you need before you do

I heard something in church more than a month ago that I keep coming back to again and again. Today was one of those days.   God knows what you need before you do. This morning, I got up late. The baby was extra clingy. I got an email from a dear friend who is really struggling with being a working mom. I’m dealing with all kinds of complicated emotions about being a working mom myself. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed with the new school year, my blogging and writing commitments, and my family. It’s hard to find a balance. It’s … Read more