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27 iPhone and iPad Apps for Smart 3-year-olds

  I swear that I am not that mom who wants her 3-year-old to know all the letters and numbers and sounds. Okay, so Grace did, but she is exceptional (in both good and bad ways), and I want Allie to just be whoever she is and learn at her own pace. In fact, I hid them all in a folder on the iPad that said “Allie learning apps.”In the last couple of months, I did put a variety of learning apps on the iPad for her to experiment with at her leisure (and a lot of them I never … Read more

25 iPhone and iPad Apps for Smart Girls

25 iPhone and iPad apps for smart girls - Some are educational. Some are just for fun.

I have app-itis. So do my kids. I debated whether or not I should make a holiday gift guide for apps, but I am 100% certain that Gracie would be delighted to get any of the apps below for Christmas. (I mean, she would be delighted to get them, except that she already has them. But she would be delighted to if she didn’t.) When a new must have app comes out (I mean, something from Toca Boca or Disney or Fancy Nancy or Grimm’s or Barbie or Usborne), Grace begs and pleads and makes a nuisance of herself until … Read more

12 iPad Apps You’ll Be Happy to See Your Kids Playing

The best kids iPad apps

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know how enamored my kids are with the iPad. They are veritable technophiles, those two. I’ve started hiding the iPad most of the time because I want them to do something besides sit and play with it. The apps they use are awesome and educational, but too much of a good thing and all that. I limit their iPad usage to times when we’re out (doctor’s appointments, restaurants, etc.) and quiet moments when I’m involved with their sister. That’s pretty much it. Anyway, I am happy to see them playing with the … Read more

7 Good Dress Up Games for iPad and iPhone

good dress up games for ipad and iphone

Grace loves paper dolls. She loves playing dress up, and she loves playing dressing games online. Have you ever tried to find dress up games that are done in English and without decent (I mean, not indecent) graphics? Who are these games made for?! It’s not little girls. Over the last three years, we’ve amassed a collection of games for dress up. Here are our favorites: Princess Fairy Tale Maker by Duck Duck Moose $1.99 – We really love Duck Duck Moose. Every single one of their apps is stellar. This one allows you to put “stickers” on backgrounds (even … Read more

The Best Educational Apps for iPad and iPhone

The Best Educational Apps for iPad

Last week, three people asked me what I thought were the best educational apps for iPad and iPhone. Two more asked this week. I figured it was worth writing about. These apps below are geared toward a preschool to 1st grade crowd. If you’re looking for a younger audience, check out my 10 Best Apps for Preschoolers post. ABC – Magnetic Alphabet Usually $3.99 (on sale right now for $1.99) – This is really cool. It’s got page after page of “magnets” that you can stick to backgrounds. There’s a whole alphabet in lowercase and uppercase, as well as seasonal … Read more

Percolator is My New Favorite iPhone App

Percolator app for iPhone

I have a new favorite iPhone app. It’s called Percolator. This is an out-of-focus photo of a begonia at my mom’s house. I was entirely deletable until I percolated it. Now it reminds me of the painting called The Kiss, but much nicer and prettier. I’m thinking about having it printed to hang on the wall. Some other photos I’ve played with: This one is a self portrait that Allie took while playing with my phone My raspberry pie Black-eyed susans from my mom’s garden Have you used Percolator yet? It’s $1.99 in the App Store.