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Mama, You Are Doing a Great Job With Those Children

Encouragement quotes for women and moms. This inspiration was the words of God said through an elderly woman at the thrift store. Truths about life as a Christian mom with kids. Thoughts on the heart and children.

I have been doing some behind the scenes work on my blog, and I found this post buried among numbered lists and recipes. Reading it warmed my soul and reminded me that what I do every day matters. It matters a lot, in the broken world and in the kingdom of God and in the hearts of my children. It matters. I matter, and you matter, too, my sweet friend. I originally published the following blog post on October 14, 2013, but it is every bit as relevant today as it was then. I had completely forgotten about the incident, … Read more

101 Life Lessons to Teach My Daughters

101 Life lessons to teach my daughter with Bible verses and quotes - Lessons to live by for girls and women. Things I've learned about relationships, wisdom, friendships, and hard truths. Some funny, some serious. Words from Mom about people, family, God, and life. Inspirational and motivational stories about growing up. Wise advice about living, paying bills feelings, making mistakes. So positive and so true.

I’m 38. My daughters are 7 and 10. When I think back over a lifetime of life lessons and what I have learned so far, there is so much that I want to share with my girls. I want them to have an easy road and not have to come up with all this stuff the way I did, the hard way, full of heartache and trauma and tears. I want my girls to learn and know now what it has taken me 38 years to discover. I want to avoid heartache and big mistakes for them. They won’t take my advice … Read more

How to Help Kids Deal with the Death of a Pet – 14 Tips for Coping

how to help your child cope with the death of a pet - Grief and loss are not easy for adults, and children feel so much more strongly. Helping them through their emotions and feelings in this time is super important, whether they are mourning a dog, cat, goldfish, rabbit, bird, or other pet. Death is a part of life with animals and it is normal to feel sad and lost without your best friend. This mom's thoughts and feelings about her kitten are witty and poignant. Awesome read.

Last year in September, my beloved cat Sammy died. He was over 15 years old and had been with me since before I met my husband. My kids both adored Sammy because he was gentle and friendly. The fact that his previous owner had had him declawed was a bonus for them as he never scratched them even when he deemed the kids to be too rough.  Sammy’s death was difficult for all of us, but he was old and had lived a very long and very happy life with us, and we were able to appreciate that.  Every time … Read more

How to Raise Grateful Kids – Make a Family Gratitude Jar

How to make a simple DIY gratitude jar craft for kids and families - This simple practice will change your life. Includes instructions, name ideas, and tips for making and using the jar. Could be used in the classroom or at home. Children love it!

The Christmas hangover is hard for kids – and for adults. After weeks and weeks of thinking and talking about all the bounty that Santa will provide, kids spend an hour (maybe less) opening the gifts, and then – nothing. If your kids are like mine, they will play with their new gifts for a while, but then, what is left to look forward to? Their birthdays? The next major gift-giving holiday? Next Christmas?  Grace is not so bad anymore, but Allie (who turned 7 December 28) is all about the gifts. Immediately after opening her Christmas gifts, she started … Read more

10 Cold Weather Exercise Tips for the Whole Family

10 cold weather exercise tips for the whole family - You can workout with your kids all year long, even in the winter, whether you go outside or stay inside is up to you! Lots of tips, ideas, and suggestions here. If you plan ahead and wear the right clothes, you can have fun with your kids and stay strong and healthy all year.

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post about making exercise a family habit. As I said in that post, I make the girls walk with me almost every day. We walk about 1.5 miles. If I’m walking by myself, I can make the whole walk in 31 minutes, but with the girls, it usually takes 35-38 minutes. When it was very hot outside, we sometimes skipped our walks. I hate to be in the heat, and I didn’t want to stress our bodies too much. Now that the weather is getting colder (and quickly, it seems), I had … Read more

101 Best Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls Ages 6-8

I love Christmas shopping. I think it’s super fun to think about what my girls want and will enjoy and then set out to find it at the best price. I do virtually all of my shopping online, so there’s the added thrill of the delivery man coming and leaving me presents for weeks before Christmas. It’s a little tricky in that Allie still believes in Santa and is totally confused by all the packages that I won’t let her open, but we roll with that. Allie is 6, but will be 7 the week of Christmas, so I made … Read more