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Coloring the Advent

Last year, I printed some coloring pages for Gracie. Each one was like a miniature Advent calendar, divided into 24 sections, and she loved them. If you have a preschooler or an older kid who really loves to color, you should consider coloring pages for Advent. You can download the ones we used, or you could make up your own, as long as it has 24 sections. Here are our two favorites, linked to the pages where I found them so that you can download your own. 5 Days of Christmas Traditions To celebrate the first week of Advent, I’ll … Read more

How to Make and Use an Advent Wreath for Kids

jesse tree

Joe’s family used an Advent wreath when he was small, and he wanted to continue that tradition with our family. He grew up Catholic, and I didn’t, but I was happy to continue to observe the tradition. For our family, the Advent wreath is completely integrated with the Jesse tree as part of our evening routine. Each night, at dinner, we say a prayer (just a quick, bless our meal kind of prayer), and we let Grace light the candle or candles. We turn the dining room lights down and eat (mostly) by candle light. At the end of the … Read more

Learning the Christmas Story – Jesse Tree & Truth in the Tinsel

jesse tree ornament

Advent began this past Sunday. We started our Jesse tree. Each night after dinner, we read a short Bible story. We sing a song, light a candle, say a prayer, and then Grace hangs an ornament on the small white tree that sits on our dining room table. It takes less than ten minutes, but it enhances our Christmas celebration. Incidentally, our Jesse tree tradition has also enhanced my own Bible reading year round. Every time I read an Old Testament story, I try to fit it into our Christmas story. This year, I’m going to add in something new. … Read more

Our Christmas Traditions

In honor of the beginning of Advent (which was yesterday for my family), I am posting kid-friendly Christmas traditions all week this week. I love traditions. I love predictability, knowing exactly how things are going to work. It’s just my personality. When Grace was born, Joe and I began traditions for our little family. I asked Joe what traditions we honor in our family, and he said, “I don’t know. We put a tree up.” Men. Gifts from Momma & Daddy On Christmas Eve, our children get two presents from Joe and I. One of those presents is a new, … Read more

Coloring the Advent

coloring the advent

Grace is really into the Advent coloring pages I printed out for her. Each day, she asks me to trace around the part she should color (even though she knows her numbers; I’m not sure what her reasoning is). Over the weekend, Grace found a brand new pack of metallic and rainbow-colored crayons under the Christmas tree. She was overjoyed; she loves crayons and markers and art projects. What luck! I think they fell out of their (poor) hiding place when Joe put the Christmas tree up, and he didn’t notice. Oops. One less thing in her Christmas stocking. See … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschool Girls

I love Christmas. I love our Advent traditions. I love giving and receiving gifts. Last year, I made a large list of gifts for preschoolers. Most of them were things that Grace was getting, but a few were things that she already had. This year, I decided to put that list together with other assorted things we own and like. Like last year, every item on this list is something that I have or would spend my money on. I have not included anything because it was given to me by a company or PR rep; that is not my … Read more