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9 Ways to Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms without Drugs

9 natural ways to reduce seasonal allergies

Poor little Allie has season allergies. All spring and all fall, she has a stuffy, runny nose, itchy eyes, and a cough caused by the gunk running down the back of her throat. It lingers for months. After going through allergy tests with Grace only to have inconclusive results, I do not want to subject Allie to the torture. We’ll just deal with the symptoms and minimize the allergens as much as possible. Here are a few ways that we’re doing it: I love to have the windows and doors open, but they let in pollen that gets Allie’s symptoms … Read more

7 Tricks for a Fresher Smelling Home #HealthierHome

7 Tips for a Fresher Smelling Home

When I was in the fifth grade, we had a neighbor who cleaned her whole house with pine-scented cleaner every single day. As soon as you opened the front door, you walked into a cloud of fake pine cleaner fumes. I have a super smeller, and it gave me a headache in under a minute. I hated going over there. Few things scream don’t stick around! more than walking into someone’s house and smelling something heinous – a stinky dog, cat litter, stale cooking grease, musty carpets, chemical cleaners, cigarette smoke, mothballs. It’s gross, right? I stay as few minutes as possible … Read more