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50+ Christmas Gifts for Moms & Other Women

50+ Awesome & Unique Christmas birthday gift ideas for women - Any wife, sister, mother, or girlfriend will love these Xmas gift ideas from their husband, boyfriend, or friend. These are the best ideas for all price ranges including cheap and creative gifts. Stocking stuffers, too. Great for Valentines Day, birthday, or care packages.

It’s hard to know what to ask for at Christmas, isn’t it?

I always had the hardest time coming up with a Christmas list, but a few years ago, Joe bought me a Pandora bracelet and now just adds a charm or two for each gift giving holiday. I filled up a bracelet and then another, and now I wear four (4!!!) Pandora charm bracelets all the time except when I go to the doctor’s office because I think they add about two pounds.

Knowing that I’m not the only woman on the planet who needs inspiration for making a Christmas list, I made the following list of gift ideas.

Christmas Gifts for Readers

Kindle – Of course I would suggest a Kindle. I was an e-reader hater for many years complaining about how they lose the tactile pleasure of reading, but then I won one at a conference and was an almost instant convert. I haven’t been without a Kindle since about 2011.

The thing I like best about Kindles is that you can get books for free from your public library (ask the librarian, but every library I’ve ever been to has offered this service through one of several different apps), and you can bring as many books with you as you want. I suggest Outlander below, and they are enormous volumes, well over 1,500 pages a piece. I have all 8 of them on my Kindle and never have to worry about hauling around the big thick books. I have the whole Bible on my Kindle and never have to worry about my bookmark falling out.

Kindles really are amazing. If you decide to get one, make sure you get one that has a light so that you can read in the dark. The basic model does not, so she would need a book light to go along with it.

I love listening to audiobooks, so I have compiled an entire page of my favorite audiobooks over here. You can listen to audiobooks on your Kindle Fire or the Audible app on almost any device.

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story – Again, you can’t go wrong with Ree Drummond. This book started as a series on her blog, and it morphed into a full print book. I was hooked on the series when she published it a little at a time and totally devoured the book version. Also read by the author who is witty and sentimental and absolutely wonderful. Every woman is going to love this romantic story about two kids from opposite backgrounds who meet and fall in love.

Outlander (the book) – If she is at all into romance stories and chick flicks, she is going to LOVE Outlander. It’s a book about Claire, a World War 2 nurse who is happily married and accidentally travels back in time to the late 1700s where the world is treacherous and wild. She is forced to marry in order to protect herself from a villain. There is a bit of smut in the book, but the story is rich and detailed and smart. She will most likely have to look up a few words here and there because the author uses robust language all the way through. Do take a hint, though. If you decide to get Outlander this year, get her either the audiobook (32 hours!) or the Kindle book. The actual paper book is over 1,500 pages and really, who wants to lug that around? Bonus, there are 8 volumes in this series and there’s also a tv show being made from it on Starz. I started reading these books in 2014 and have not put them down since. I’m currently on my third reading through the series.

Wearable Christmas Gifts

These are, hands down, the very best slippers you can wear. They are soft inside, made from genuine lamb’s wool, and soft outside, made from genuine suede. They are a little pricey, but these slippers will last for many years to come.

I really, really, really want a pair of these Kate Spade earrings this year for Christmas. Get that, Joe? I really want them! The best thing about them is that they’re rhodium-plated, not sterling silver, so they won’t tarnish. I’m going to pair them with these Kate Spade studs for my second holes.

Edited to add: I caved and bought these for myself and they are every bit as awesome as I expected. I get tons of compliments on them, and I have worn them non-stop since I got them.

A pearl necklace – I have several pearl necklaces, and they never go out of style; I feel so pretty when I wear them. They are perfect with any outfit from a flannel shirt to a cocktail dress; every woman needs a classic pearl necklace. If you don’t have one, you should definitely consider these pretty pearls.

A couple of Alex and Ani bracelets – These bracelets are super trendy, but they will never go out of style because they’re versatile and classic. They’re also responsibly sourced and made in the USA. The one I linked is the birthstone one (which I want in the July color, please), but there are literally hundreds of them on Amazon and in other stores. They stack really nicely, so go for more than one.

Handwriting jewelry – I bought a necklace from this Etsy seller for Christmas last year, and it turned out beautifully. It was so nice that I wanted to keep it for myself. I have friends who’ve also purchased or received pieces from this seller, and they are all flawless. This would be treasured forever.

Perhaps it is silly, but I am obsessed with gloves and mittens. I walk a long distance every day, and I hate having cold fingers (or cold toes, see below). These genuine leather gloves are lined with cashmere for the ultimate in soft insides and soft outsides. I have ordered a pair, but they haven’t arrived yet.

I am totally in love with these amazing slippers. I have purchased approximately six pairs of them over the last few years because I always put them away somewhere in the spring and then forget where they are, get tired of searching, and buy new ones in the fall. They are soft and warm and cozy but not so hot that they make my feet sweaty (very important!). I especially love these sequined slippers, but I currently also have this furry pair and they are quite nice as well. They are true to size: the XL fits my 11WW feet perfectly. They aren’t even a little bit snug. Love love love these slippers. They might be my favorite item on the entire list.

Gorgeous lace-trimmed tunic – I’m thinking about ordering this for myself because I’m completely in love with it. It’s a perfect length tunic for wearing over leggings (which I pretty much live in), and the lace trim is a very nice touch. When I was much larger, I had a lace trimmed t-shirt, and I wore it like every other day.

A cute hoodie – Most women I know get cold easily. I didn’t before my weight loss, but I do now. For this reason, a sweater or pullover or hoodie is always a good idea. This one in particular is super cute (stripes and flowers!), and the price is great.

A beautiful cardigan – I like this cardi because it comes in 40 different colors and sizes all the way from small to 3X. It drapes nicely and has great reviews on Amazon.

A vintage style dress – This dress is so pretty, and it comes in sizes all the way from small to 3X plus all different colors and patterns. I think it would be flattering on almost any women. And also, pockets! which every woman needs in her dresses. The reviews say to go up a size.

I love a pretty and soft scarf, and this one is perfect for fall, winter, and spring. It is a long rectangle, great for wearing looped and tied, and comes in dozens of colors and patterns. Oh, and did I mention that it feels like cashmere and costs less than $20? Yes indeed.

Stackable silicone wedding rings – I think these are amazing. First of all, they are super cheap, so if she has a tendency to lose her ring, they are perfect. Second, they are lightweight, stretchy, and very comfortable. They come in all different colors, so she can change them to match her outfits. I have been shrinking through ring sizes pretty quickly (5 ring sizes in 9 months), so I think these would be perfect for me, too, once I shrink out of the ring that’s currently stuck on my finger. (I got it on at Walt Disney World but can’t get it off.)

These little bracelets are super cheap, just a few dollars each, and they are pretty and stackable. Buy three or four and give them as a set.

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Okay, I know that cats aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they are most definitely mine, and I know a lot of my readers love them, too. So here are a couple of fun gifts that I found that I (and they) would love to receive.

Cat Leggings – My dream come true. I ordered these as soon as I saw them. For those of you whose wives aren’t cat lovers, there are lots of other patterns including one with elephants and some abstract ones. They run a little big in my experience, so consider going down a size.

Cat Necklace – I already told you how much I love pearls, and I really like this cat holding a pearl necklace. Any cat lover would love to get it as a gift. I also love this cat in the moon necklace.

Cat coffee mug – This mug made me laugh. Any other cat lover would laugh, too.

Cats doormat – I need this. Neeeeeeeeed. If she loves her cats as much as I do, and she has a couple of them, I bet she needs it, too.

Cat scarf – I love scarves. I have tons and tons of them and wear a scarf all the time. Anyway, I really like this particular scarf because it is covered with cats.

Cat suncatcher – I think this is just gorgeous. What cat lover wouldn’t want it in her window?

I totally need this, and so does every cat owner I know. It’s worlds better than those disposable sticky lint brushes; its genuine boar bristles and lint remover take off almost all the cat hair from fabrics and other surfaces.

Techy Christmas Gifts

Amazon Echo – We have 3 Echos and love Alexa. We listen to music, ask questions, talk to each other in different rooms, control our tv and lights, get the weather report, and much, much more. You can also order pizza from Domino’s, request rides from Uber, find a Chinese restaurant, or lock your front door, all with a simple voice command. It’s super easy to set up and use, and any tech-loving woman is going to be completely enamored with it. These were just redesigned and rereleased in October 2017; we got ours right after that.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch – If your wife is like 90% of other Americans, she has resolved to lose weight this year. A new Fitbit would bring her closer to that goal, and this one is a real winner; it’s the Fitbit that I have and love. I tap it about six hundred times a day. It tracks all different kinds of exercise automatically or you can stop and start them manually. It also has a stopwatch, GPS tracker, continuous heart rate monitor, and on-screen workouts and relaxation activities.

Update: I got a Fitbit Ionic a month or two ago and gave my Blaze to Joe. He loves the Blaze, having had an Alta before that. I love the Ionic even more because it has a fully customizable face and shows me all my stats at one time, plus the weather and about twelve other things. So cool. If you spring for an Ionic for yourself, get this feminine band which is gorgeous and functional. I’m wearing it as I type.

Wireless headphones for winter – It is no secret that I love these headphones. I’ve written about them before. I bought them in the fall for my walks, and they are still great. They stay in place, they reduce a lot of background noise, and they have great sound.

MPOW bluetooth earbuds
Wireless earbuds from MPOW – These earbuds have a piece that hooks over my ear so they don’t fall out (had that problem with a different brand) and a battery life of about a week given my daily 60-90 minute usage. They also have a built-in mic in case you get a phone call while you’re wearing them. Great sound, great battery life, great earbuds. These are my warm weather headphones.

This high speed power bank is affordable and reliable. All you need is a USB cable, and you’ll be able to charge your devices anytime, anywhere. Grab this case to store it all in.

The Fire TV 4K is perfect for anyone who likes TV but hates paying for cable. Using a wifi connection, the Fire TV stick allows you to watch millions of shows on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and more.

Tile Mate or Tile Mate Slim – Tile Mate is amazing. You attach it to your keys, your wallet, the remote control, or whatever you frequently lose, and when that thing gets lost, you activate the Tile Mate on your phone (via an app) to make the Tile play a sound and play a game of hotter/colder with your stuff until you find it. If it’s lost outside your house, you can even enlist the Tile Mate community to help you find it. I need about 6 of these.


These are so cool! You plug the USB Picture Keeper into your computer, and it automatically finds all the photos and videos and stores them on the flash drive. Anyone whose computer is loaded with photos will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having them all backed up, but I think it would be especially nice for our moms and grandmas who may be distrustful of having their files backed up in the cloud. (There’s also a version available for all kinds of phones, so check that out!)

I am completely car-ignorant. I mean, I know that I need to change the oil and put gas in, and I can figure out how to put the hood up and change the windshield wiper blades, but I have remained blissfully and intentionally ignorant of just about everything else car-related. Any woman who has a car that’s out of warranty could use one of these scanners to tell her what’s up with the car if a light comes on.

We have a bunch of these bluetooth speakers, and they make awesome sound. We generally keep them in the car. Joe listens to music and talk radio on his; the girls and I listen to audiobooks on ours (but not at the same time). The sound is perfect and, while we do listen to them with the volume turned most of the way up, they are loud enough to hear over road noise even on the highway.

We are all-in with our Alexa, and we use her to control most of our house. She turns on the tv/DVD/Tivo (via Harmony Hub), she turns on the lights and ceiling fans, and I’m hoping that some day, she will control our security system, brains, and cars. (Just kidding on the brains and cars. Maybe.) So we installed these light switches because they allow us to control our lights from our beds, from the grocery store, or from a hotel.That may seem silly, but we can make it look like someone is home even when no one is home, for safety’s sake, and it’s so nice to be able to say, “Alexa, turn off the dining room lights” and have the lights in another area of the house turn off without ever having to stand up. Welcome to the 21st century, Mrs. Jetson.

See above about Alexa. This allows us to control the lights that aren’t on hardwired switches. We can also control other stuff like the toaster and coffee maker as if they were on hardwired switches, which gives us peace of mind when we’re out of the house.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
– I would vote for Alexa for president, if only she would quit turning on my tv when I say “turn on the tree.” She may not be perfect 100% of the time, but I still trust her to work a lot of the systems in my house, including my locks. There are lots of smart and keypad door locks available, but I had two criteria when I chose one recently:

  1. I wanted a lock that would use my existing key and deadbolt.
  2. I wanted a lock that would not be rendered useless if (when?) the battery ran out.

Because, who wants to be locked out when the batteries go dead? Not this girl. (Although, thanks to Alexa, I can “drop in” on my kids using my God-like voice and say “I’m locked out. Come down and let me in!” just using the app on my phone. This happened more than once before we installed the Smart Lock Pro.)

The August Smart Lock is awesome because you can let people in and out whether you’re at home or away, and it even has a feature where it can automatically unlock the door as you approach. I haven’t played with that much yet, but it may well be my favorite feature.

Other Practical Christmas Gifts

Navis Paddle Door Knob – Like just about every woman I know, I carry too many things and I try to bring them all in the house at the same time. I have an attached garage, and I always have about seventy bajillion things in my arms as I try to make my way from the car, through the garage, and into the house. And, I always struggle to get the door from the garage to the house open because twisting a knob with my hands full is just about impossible.

And no one ever helps me carry the load.

The bottom line is that this paddle door knob makes my life so much easier because I can open the door just by pushing my elbow or hip or even knee against the paddle and giving the door a little nudge. Could. not. be. easier! We have only had this door knob for about two weeks, but I love it so much, I’m thinking about getting them for other doors in the house, too.

This is the coolest little safe. It’s designed to be used at the beach or the pool or anywhere that you need to lock up your valuables. I am planning to keep my money and phone inside it, locked up to my chair next summer at the pool. Super safe peace of mind.

Please hide packages doormat – I am torn between this one and the cat one above, but I definitely need a custom doormat. I first saw this before Christmas when the poor UPS and FedEx people were at my house multiple times a day, and it thoroughly tickled me. If you can make a tongue-in-cheek joke about her online retail therapy, this would be a great gift.

A sweet pillow – This Etsy shop has every animal imaginable printed on a pillow with your names and a personalized message at the bottom. There are all different kinds of dogs, cats, unicorns, sloths, elephants, lions, tigers, seriously you have to just look. They’re so cute.

I’m not sure how practical this game is, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Imagine Apples to Apples, except that you write a response to the prompt instead of choosing a card.

Food-Related Christmas Gifts

Gourmet chocolate covered Oreos – Before my surgery, I loved Oreos and could easily put away half a package or more. I would have absolutely loved this package of fancy chocolate-dipped gourmet Oreos. I think this gift box would delight any Oreo fan or anyone with a sweet tooth.

A box of nuts – If she is more health conscious like me, she might appreciate a box of gourmet roasted nuts from this family owned business. It’s got almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and corn nuts in it.

Sentimental Christmas Gifts

Special reading picture – I didn’t know what to call this, but it is an awesome idea. The words you choose are printed on the tree, so you could have your wedding vows, a special Bible passage, a poem, song lyrics, or anything else you could think of printed on it.

Personalized recipe book – Most women I know are incredibly proud of their recipe collections. This beautiful custom journal has wooden covers and a leather binding, and it’s personalized with her name. I’m pretty sure it would become a family heirloom.

Custom picture frame – I love this picture frame. It’s sweet and pretty. You can have whatever words painted on it that you want, so you can make it perfectly customized.

A few more Christmas gifts for women

I love a pretty journal, and these do not disappoint. Whether she writes in a journal frequently or just now and then, these linen covered notebooks will look gorgeous on her shelf or desk.

Any woman who suffers from headaches will appreciate (love with a fiery passion) this sleeping mask, which can be placed in the freezer for a few minutes to provide a cool shield to harsh light.

This shiatsu massager has heat and rotating rollers to soothe sore, stressed muscles at the end of a long day. I think it’s intended for necks and shoulders, but it could easily be used on arms, legs, feet, or backs, too.

The best part of getting your hair done at the salon is the awesome scalp massage, am I right? This simple scalp massager will give her that sumptuous feeling whenever she wants it.

When I was a teenager, my mom bought Granny’s Little Helpers for everyone in the family. They were these handmade long, rectangular aromatic beanbags that could be frozen or microwaved and applied to the body for any ailment. Mine has long since fallen apart from frequent use, and I was excited to find this similar product on Amazon.

Many women feel down in the winter because of a lack of sunlight, and this handy dandy little light can make a world of difference for any sufferer. It’s called the HappyLight for a very good reason; its full spectrum rays mimic the sun and bring the summer sun to the darkest days of winter.

This is another gift that’s not really sexy, but once she has a spiralizer, she will use it all the time. She can make zucchini noodles (zoodles), carrot ribbons, and about a thousand other veggies in interesting shapes. Spiralizers are amazing.

Okay, so tell me, what gifts are you asking for this Christmas?

50+ Awesome & Unique Christmas birthday gift ideas for women - Any wife, sister, mother, or girlfriend will love these Xmas gift ideas from their husband, boyfriend, or friend. These are the best ideas for all price ranges including cheap and creative gifts. Stocking stuffers, too. Great for Valentines Day, birthday, or care packages.