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Pineapple Upside Down Cake

pineapple upside down cake recipe

I swear I’ve posted this on my blog before. I’m sure of it. Where it has gone and why I cannot find it are beyond my comprehension. I just don’t understand. Maybe it’s lost in my unpublished drafts somewhere. Who knows. I’ve been making this pineapple upside down recipe for at least ten years. It started with a recipe from The Pampered Chef, and it has morphed into this over the years. I made it on Easter, when I found inspiration in a box of yellow cake mix and didn’t have enough eggs. I’ve made it lots, and it has … Read more

Pear Crisp

pear crisp recipe

When I was a little girl, we lived across the road from Old Grandma. To visit her, we crossed the dirt road, climbed up a steep bank, and followed the path Grandpa cut for us through a small field. Almost to Grandma’s house, we passed an old pear tree. Every fall, we’d pick pears right off the ground, and eat them, juice dripping down our arms. I still look forward to pear season eagerly. This pear crisp recipe is only slightly different from my favorite apple crisp recipe. It’s absolutely delicious. Print Recipe Pear Crisp Servings Ingredients 8-10 pears peeled, … Read more

My Favorite Apple Crisp Recipe

Over the years, I’ve posted quite a few different apple crisp recipes. Easy Apple Crisp Crunchy Apple Crisp (the first recipe) Quick Apple Crisp (the second recipe) Grace’s Apple Crisp I always have to dig through all of them in order to find this particular one. It’s by far my favorite, coming out perfectly every single time we make it. I’ve completely stopped using my other recipes; this one is just too good. I’ve made this crisp with pears, with peaches, and with apples. It’s always perfect and delicious. If I hadn’t missed cherry season this year, I would have … Read more

Banana Sour Cream Cake

The best banana sour cream cake recipe - This amazingly moist cake can be made with sour cream or Greek yogurt for a healthier dessert option. Includes sugar, bananas, butter, walnuts, oil, and a yellow cake mix.

We buy a lot of bananas at the Feels like Home house. Grace loves them, and she always has. I like them, too, and so does Joe. Occasionally, though, a banana will expire. You just know when it’s happened. I hate to throw food away, though, so I like to put the soggy banana into something I’m about to bake. They’re good in French Toast, brownies, cakes, and just about everything else I’ve ever mashed them into. Be careful about having too much moisture if you add mashed banana to an existing recipe. This cake recipe calls for bananas, so … Read more