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Best Pot Roast Ever (Instant Pot Recipe)

The best healthy Instant Pot pot roast - This simple and easy recipe is quick and great for weeknight meals or Sunday dinner with a one pot gravy. Gluten-free with potatoes and carrots.

Before Joe and I were married, we used to go with my mom and sister to a local private club. It was pretty shady in a lot of ways, but their food was super cheap and really, really good. One of my favorite meals there was pot roast. Their pot roast reminded me of my mom’s from my childhood. (She had pretty much stopped cooking by that time.) It was tender and flavorful, and it was accompanied by mashed potatoes with copious amounts of gravy. The recipe below makes an amazing, tender, and flavorful pot roast, too, though it suggests … Read more

Spicy Cajun Shrimp – Great Over Pasta or Rice

The best cajun shrimp skillet recipe. Can be served over pasta or rice. Makes a thick, rich sauce. Healthy and simple, this easy recipe is made with sweet chili sauce, Worcestershire, chili powder, sriracha, and other spices and seasonings. Sauteed like a stir fry in a pan or skillet.

I love spicy foods. I don’t like quite as much heat as I did in my younger days, but I still enjoy foods with big, bold flavors and a mild heat. This is one such recipe. The sauce of this recipe is what makes it fabulous. It takes the plain old shrimp to a whole new level, like what I imagine you’d get in New Orleans. I’ve never been there, but that’s what I think of when I eat this spicy Cajun shrimp. When you make this, you will want to marinate the shrimp for several hours, so plan ahead … Read more

Cheesy Vegetable Soup

We try to cook a new recipe every week or two. It keeps our dinner rotation fresh and interesting, and it allows us to sample all different kinds of cuisine. With this in mind, Joe and I were excited to join a Sargento® campaign where participants have to create a recipe using a secret basket of ingredients. What a fun project! Talk about exciting! So the challenge is to create a comfort food recipe using the following ingredients: Sargento Sharp Cheddar Fine Cut Cheese Cauliflower Cremini mushrooms (sometimes called baby bellas or baby portabellos) Leeks When I think of comfort … Read more

The Best Hamburgers I Ever Ate

the best hamburger recipe

Last year, on Memorial Day, I posted my then favorite hamburger recipe. I have a new favorite, so I thought this would be a good time to share it. Joe found this recipe on; just like the reviewers say, the burgers fall apart when you cook them. After some experimenting (and advice from our Facebook community), we made some adjustments to the recipe that kept it together. This recipe was worth the work. The burgers are spicy – full of garlic, full of grilled onions, full of BBQ sauce – and oh so good. I wanted to eat two … Read more

How to Make Chex Mix

At a friend’s house this evening, Grace discovered that she likes Chex Mix. I’ve never been a fan, so she didn’t have to worry about me nibbling from her bowl. I wonder if that was part of its charm. At any rate, I poured Grace a bowl of Chex Mix (the premade kind, in a bag), and she immediately picked out all of the Chex and left the pretzels and crackers behind. My like these little crunchy things, Momma. I told her that they’re a kind of cereal, and that you can eat with milk or as a snack. Can … Read more

Deviled Eggs

I have not made deviled eggs since I was in college. That was ten years ago. I didn’t exactly remember what to do. I have made hard cooked eggs since I was in college, and they always come out badly. The yolks turn green, the whites get rubbery, and the peels stick so tightly to the eggs that I lose huge chunks when I try to peel them off. I did some research, and I found a terrific tutorial for hard cooking eggs at The Hungry Mouse. I cooked the eggs exactly as Jessie explained, using Julia Child’s method. Jessie … Read more