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Sweet Potato Pancakes featuring IHOP at Home Syrup

sweet potato pancakes

I love breakfast for dinner, and I especially love omelets and pancakes. We make all kinds of pancakes – chocolate chip pancakes, pumpkin pie pancakes, carrot cake pancakes, apple ring pancakes, bananas foster pancakes, and baked pancakes. They are a perfect breakfast or dinner (or lunch, I suppose) because they’re quick and easy, and paired with eggs or ham and some fruit, they make for a satisfying and filling meal. At home, we make pancakes and eggs for dinner often. When we’re eating out though, we really like to have them for breakfast. We aren’t fortunate enough to have an … Read more

Perfect Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Somewhere between my need to avoid unnatural food additives, my desire to cook and eat more like my grandma, and Joe and my attempt to live more frugally, I talked my husband into making our own bread. From scratch. It took months of convincing. After a lot of discussion with Amy Clark from MomAdvice, I posted a request on my local FreeCycle board for a bread machine. Only a few days passed before an offer came in, and Joe went to pick up the bread machine. And then it sat in our dining room for seven months, until the car … Read more

The Best Bread Machine Pizza Crust

How to make the best bread machine pizza dough - This simple and easy pizza crust recipe makes a pizzeria-style crust at home. Homemade pizza dough is healthy and delicious! Includes tips and ideas for making a better crust.

Our new Friday night homemade pizza “tradition” is not going as planned. This past Friday, we were hungry for hamburgers. The Friday before, we were invited to go out to eat. Even though it isn’t going as we expected, our homemade pizza tradition is still going. Being flexible is important to me, and that means going with whatever complication finds us on Friday evening. We’re always ready to make the pizza on Friday night, but we’re also prepared to adjust our plan if pizza doesn’t work out. We’re perfectly happy to have homemade pizza for lunch on Saturday or dinner … Read more