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Easy Homemade Ice Cream (Philadelphia Style – No Eggs)

How to make the best homemade vanilla ice cream recipe including variations for many different fruit flavors including strawberry and chocolate! This simple and easy recipe has no cooking, is made without eggs, and uses an ice cream maker machine to make the finished product. This quick eggless recipe is also no cook!

Originally published on June 12, 2009, this easy homemade ice cream recipe has delighted my family for almost ten years. Because it has no eggs, it doesn’t need to be cooked at all before freezing, and I have no worries about giving my kids raw eggs. As you probably have already guessed, I no longer eat ice cream because of my bariatric surgery, but my family still eats and loves it. We usually have some in the refrigerator at any given time. I love ice cream. I love to make ice cream. Back in Febraury, I shared an awesome recipe … Read more

Root Beer Sherbet (or Any Soda Pop Flavor)

root beer sherbet

I have been working on a monster post all week long, so there hasn’t been much blog posting going on. I’m sorry about that, but I think it will be worth it when I finally get this 4,000-word novella finished. It’s about picture books, in case you’re impatient like me. In the meantime, I found a recipe for Root Beer Sherbet a couple weeks ago at Just Jen Recipes. I was intrigued as soon as I saw the recipe. When I explained it to Joe, he jumped up and ran to Walmart to get a bottle of root beer. The … Read more


Have you ever met someone that you knew was a kindred spirit as soon as you met, Dear Reader? I have, and my kindred spirit is moving to California on Wednesday morning. I’m sad to see her go. My friend, Megan, is from Bangladesh, and several of us saw her away tonight with a dinner at her favorite Indian restaurant. Megan ordered us a magnificent spread of Indian food and we all passed the dishes and ate family-style. Aside from my child running amok for most of the meal, it was glorious. Every single dish was spicy and flavorful. The … Read more