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Nut-Crusted Chicken Fingers (Gluten-Free)

nut crusted chicken fingers recipe

Eating gluten-free is not as hard as I expected it would be. We’ve been eating normally for the most part since I went gluten-free. We have cut out most of our pasta and bread, having gluten-free pasta only twice (it wasn’t that good) and no gluten-free bread. We’ve modified some recipes and used our gluten-free flour blends quite a bit. I am pain-free, though I can’t be sure whether it’s because I’m gluten-free, because I wear hand/wrist braces to bed every night, or because the medicine my rheumatologist gave me is finally working. It’s probably a combination of all three. … Read more

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

pineapple upside down cake recipe

I swear I’ve posted this on my blog before. I’m sure of it. Where it has gone and why I cannot find it are beyond my comprehension. I just don’t understand. Maybe it’s lost in my unpublished drafts somewhere. Who knows. I’ve been making this pineapple upside down recipe for at least ten years. It started with a recipe from The Pampered Chef, and it has morphed into this over the years. I made it on Easter, when I found inspiration in a box of yellow cake mix and didn’t have enough eggs. I’ve made it lots, and it has … Read more

Peachy Chicken Stir Fry

peachy chicken stir fry

I am not a big fan of fruit in savory dishes. Fruit and main dishes just don’t work for me. However, when my meal planner and chef husband wants to make a fruity main dish, I smile and fain eager anticipation. This happened one day last week. Joe was very excited about this peachy chicken stir fry recipe he found on a bottle of vinegar, and he couldn’t wait to make it. “Doesn’t that sound good?” he asked. “Sounds delicious!” I choked. So of course, he made the peachy chicken stir fry, and I ate the peachy stir fry. I … Read more

Pan Fried Apples

Simple and easy pan fried apples - This southern recipe uses cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar to make the best apples, way better than canned. Good for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Great to top pancakes. Gluten free. Made in a skillet.

On the way home from church last week, Grace said, You know those apples we get when we’re at a restaurant? “No, what apples?” I asked. You know, those apples with the sauce? And they’re thick like apple pie? “Oh, right. Yes, I know those apples,” I said. Can we have those for supper tonight? I knew there was a bag full of apples on the kitchen table, so I said “Yes, of course.” before I even considered that I didn’t know how to make said apples. When we got home, I tried to Google said apples, but I didn’t … Read more

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

cheesy cauliflower soup

Grace is picky. I don’t actually call her picky (in my head or out loud). I would like to believe this is just a phase, and she’s going to grow out of it soon. At least, that’s what I tell myself. We aren’t desperate, but we do play tricks to coax her out of this picky eating business. One such trick is to allow her to plan our meals. Skeptical? It works. We don’t do it every day (not even every week), but when I let Grace choose what we’ll have for dinner, she picks healthy foods and eats them. … Read more

Apple Ring Pancakes


Breakfast for dinner is comfort food, don’t you think? I do. This particular recipe includes fruit, making it a wee bit healthier than plain old pancakes. That might be wishful thinking. I like to serve these pancakes with an omelet or sausage patties and a dish of fried apples. They are delicious, and pairing them with protein and cooked apples makes a perfect dinner. This recipe is very easy to make gluten-free by substituting Pamela’s Gluten-Free Baking and Pancake Mix for the regular pancake mix. We love Pamela’s and have used it for years!   Print Recipe Apple Ring Pancakes … Read more