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Seared Scallops with Asparagus

The best seared scallops with asparagus recipe - Can be served over pasta or risotto for a quick and easy, simple dinner. Similar to a stir fry with a white wine sauce. Gluten free, keto, whole 30 approved, low carb, paleo.

When I was a teenager, I loved seafood. But then, in my freshman year of college, I stopped eating all meat and became a vegetarian for over ten years. When I started eating meat again (at the insistence of my doctor), I hated seafood. I couldn’t handle the fishy taste, and everything had a fishy taste to me. Fast forward ten more years, to the weeks and months following my bariatric surgery. I discovered that seafood, specifically shrimp and scallops and crab, have insanely high levels of protein with very few calories. That was all I needed to know to … Read more

Lemony Slice and Bake Cookies

lemony slice and bakes

  I am not usually a fan of lemon desserts. There’s no reason in particular, I just prefer the creamy sweetness of chocolate or cheesecake to the tart sweetness of lemon. However. I participated in a cookie swap at my MOPS group last month. My favorite cookie from the whole event was a very small cookie drizzled with a thin glaze. The cookies were sweet and tasted like grapefruit to me, so I was shocked when my friend said they were simple lemon cookies. She proceeded to explain exactly she made them. Simple indeed. I have to pause also to … Read more