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Ravioli Alfredo with Asparagus and Mushrooms

We joined a new CSA this year. In the past, we’ve belonged to a certified organic farm that is 40 miles away. We loved the food and the farm, but almost never participated in the open farm days and other member perks. It’s just too far away to be practical. This year, a nearby farm and orchard from which we buy produce regularly started a CSA. We were thrilled and joined right away. Our first box arrived this week, stuffed with spinach, spring onions, spring mix, and four pounds of asparagus. Oh, how we love some fresh asparagus. There were … Read more

Quick & Easy Pesto Primavera

I prefer to use fresh and homemade ingredients. They taste better, they’re healthier, and they’re free from nasty preservatives. Except most of the time sometimes, I don’t have the time to make all of the parts from scratch before I make dinner. I would like to, but it’s not realistic. For that reason, I keep some premade, commercial products in the pantry to use in a pinch. Yesterday was one of those in a pinch days. I had a doctor’s appointment (still treating my back injury from the car crash on May 1), so we didn’t get home until almost … Read more

Creamy Spinach Doodles

We have a refrigerator full of fresh spinach. Our CSA is harvesting spring greens at a ridiculously fast pace, and they are passing the greens along to us. I hate masses of green mush otherwise known as cooked spinach, and I’ve already grown tired of cold salads, so we had to find a new way to eat the dark green leaves in our fridge. Fortunately, they passed this recipe along, too. We made it tonight, adjusted it, and loved it.   Print Recipe Creamy Spinach Doodles Servings Ingredients 1 pound fusilli pasta1/4 cup butter1 large bunch fresh spinach chopped into … Read more