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Spicy Cajun Shrimp – Great Over Pasta or Rice

The best cajun shrimp skillet recipe. Can be served over pasta or rice. Makes a thick, rich sauce. Healthy and simple, this easy recipe is made with sweet chili sauce, Worcestershire, chili powder, sriracha, and other spices and seasonings. Sauteed like a stir fry in a pan or skillet.

I love spicy foods. I don’t like quite as much heat as I did in my younger days, but I still enjoy foods with big, bold flavors and a mild heat. This is one such recipe. The sauce of this recipe is what makes it fabulous. It takes the plain old shrimp to a whole new level, like what I imagine you’d get in New Orleans. I’ve never been there, but that’s what I think of when I eat this spicy Cajun shrimp. When you make this, you will want to marinate the shrimp for several hours, so plan ahead … Read more

Garlic Buffalo Shrimp

How to make the best garlic buffalo shrimp recipe - This healthy and simple recipe is easy to saute in a in a stir fry skillet or pan on the stove. Keto, paleo, and low carb.

I eat a lot of seafood, at least three times a week. It’s got a tremendous amount of protein for not too many calories, and I just like it. I also love spicy foods. When I was young, I thought the spicier, the better, but in my old age {cough} I prefer things a little on the milder side. Still, I like big, bold flavors, and this garlic buffalo shrimp has just that. Even with the spicy hot sauce in the recipe, I like to sprinkle extra over my shrimp and serve them with a puddle of blue cheese salad dressing … Read more

Cheesy Shrimp Pasta

Cheesy Shrimp Pasta Bake with Velveeta - This warm and creamy dinner recipe is the perfect comfort food! It's a one pot dish full of noodles and mushrooms. Yum!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge seafood fan, so when my friend, Jeanne, made Cheesy Shrimp Pasta for a get-together this past weekend, I was not expecting to eat any. Joseph got a plate-full of the shrimp casserole and sat down next to me on the couch. I wasn’t even curious about the meal until everyone in the room began to ooh and aah over it. Even Grace, who said, Can my have some more, Daddy? I asked for a taste of Joe’s, and he gave me two noodles. They were fabulous. I asked for a second taste, … Read more