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Chicken Tetrazzini

Quick & easy chicken tetrazzini casserole recipes - This simple and healthy 15 minute meal is "baked" in the microwave oven using boneless chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, pasta, and a creamy sauce.

Joe made this pasta dish this week, and (after it was prepared), he informed me that I would not like it. He said it was bland and lacked spices. Terrific, Dear! I never had any tetrazzini before, so I didn’t know what to expect. After his proclamation, I considered going out to eat. By myself. At a restaurant with jazz music and dim lights and no children’s menu. Imagine the peace and quiet of a meal alone! Bliss! I didn’t go. I stayed home and took my chances with the tetrazzini. I’m glad I did; it was delicious. The casserole … Read more

Green Bean Casserole – Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

I think green bean casserole is a pretty standard holiday food, but I thought I’d share my version of it anyway. Do you make yours this way or do you do something different? I’d love to hear about it! Originally posted on November 3, 2008 Green Bean Casserole is one of those recipes that is synonymous with Thanksgiving for me. If we have it for dinner at another time of year, I instantly think about all of the wonderful sights and smells of the holiday season. It’s comfort and happiness with a gooey, cheesy crust on top. Enjoy! Green bean … Read more

Chicken Salad Recipe for Kids

How to make the best homemade simple and easy chicken salad sandwiches - This classic recipe is quick and uses roast, grilled, or rotisserie, or even canned chicken and a mayonnaise and mustard dressing. Low carb recipe.

I’ve mentioned allowing children to help in the kitchen before, and I want you to know that I practice what I preach. Earlier this week, Grace and I made chicken salad for lunch. Chicken salad is the perfect meal for her to help with. There are no sharp tools. The measurements are totally unimportant. You can taste as you go along. It’s basically a matter of tossing things into a big bowl, mixing it up, and serving. Here’s what we did: If I had been thinking ahead, I would have asked Joe to cook some chicken breasts last night, but … Read more

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I teach in a large public high school. Did you know that, Dear Reader? I teach high school science. I eat lunch in the faculty room every day. A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Marti, brought chips and buffalo chicken dip in for the lunch crowd to share. The dip was so good that I ate an embarrassing amount. Then, when she asked if anyone wanted the leftovers to take with them, I didn’t even wait to see if someone else did before saying, “OH! I DO!” It was that good. After some kidding, Marti told me that she … Read more