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Turkey Enchilada Lasagna – Great Way to Use Leftover Turkey

Turkey enchilada lasagna recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers. Mexican casserole.

I love Mexican food in all varieties. It has been a little challenging to eat Mexican since my bariatric surgery, but I am still able to find good things to eat. This “lasagna” is one of those very good things. While my family eats this dish the way it’s presented in the recipe, I eat only the filling. When Joe is preparing the meal, he sets aside about 12 ounces of the turkey/sauce/veggies mixture for me, and I eat half of that per meal topped with half an ounce of cheddar cheese and some steamed vegetables on the side. I … Read more

Smiley Breakfast Cups – Quick and Easy Breakfast

Smiley Breakfast Cups

From my new book, Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters: Creative Ways to Use Just About Everything, these Eggs-tra Special Breakfast Cups are always a big hit at my house. You can use a couple of tater tots in the bottom, but smiley potatoes are always a huge hit with my kids. That way, when you turn the cups out, there is a big smile on top of the eggs and ham. It is a nice way to start the day. The best thing about these egg cups is that they reheat nicely. You can make a big batch on the … Read more

The Best Broccoli Salad Recipe

The Best Broccoli Salad You'll Ever Eat

I love broccoli. I love it raw, baked, drenched in cheese, and splashed with balsamic vinegar. I’ve never met a broccoli dish I didn’t like. When Joe and I were thinking about adding a vegetable dish to our beloved Thanksgiving feast, we both thought of broccoli, but neither of us had a recipe in mind. Suddenly, it was the night before our feast, and we still hadn’t decided on a recipe. I took matters into my own hands. I was glad to have a couple of bags of Beneforté® broccoli. It’s washed, cut in bite-sized pieces, and ready to use, so … Read more

Eggs-tra Special Breakfast Cups

Smiley Breakfast Cups

Life goes on even when you’re sad or scared or lost. It just keeps going. The kids and the cats and the goldfish and the Sea Monkeys and the turtle all need to be fed. The house needs to be cleaned, and the laundry needs to be washed. Joe has to go to work and I have to do my work at home, and life just keeps on going on. It’s hard to transition between that and smiley-faced potatoes. This week, I got a bag of McCain Smiles to try. The first time we had them, we served them with … Read more

Turkey Salad – Perfect for Holiday Leftovers

leftover turkey recipe

After a major holiday, Joe and I usually eat leftovers of the holiday meal over and over and over. It’s pure laziness. We eat Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner or Easter dinner five or six or seven times over the course of the weekend. I wouldn’t mind that, except that I’m not a huge fan of roast turkey. After Thanksgiving this year, I was hoping to find a way to use up some of our turkey without actually eating a bunch of leftover turkey with gravy. This recipe was born. Instead of eating roast turkey six times, I made this … Read more

Buffalo Cheese Ball featuring Simply Dressed by Marzetti

buffalo cheese ball

There are a few foods that I absolutely adore and can’t get enough of: feta cheese, buffalo chicken dip, bbq chicken enchiladas, watermelon jam, ice cream, the chocolate cake recipe I made for my dad’s birthday. I agreed to review Marzetti’s new Simply Dressed line of refrigerated salad dressings because one of the flavors is Greek Feta. I thought (and still think) that it could be my new favorite salad dressing, but I didn’t get to try that one. Greek Feta is not carried in any grocery stores near me. I wish it was. Feta dressing on a salad topped … Read more