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Quick and Easy Black Bean Burritos

The best vegetarian black bean burritos recipe - These quick and easy wraps have beens, rice, and corn with Mexican spices and make the perfect dinner or lunch. Wrapped in a tortilla. Could be gluten-free and vegan with a few modifications.

It’s probably obvious, but we love Mexican-inspired meals around here. Our favorites at the moment are grilled burritos, BBQ chicken enchiladas, cheese and onion enchiladas, spicy beans and rice, and breakfast burritos. These quick and easy black bean burritos are quickly gaining favor, too. I like them because they come together in about five seconds (okay, a little more than that, but not much), and Joe likes them because they remind him of one of our favorite food joints, Neato Burrito. It’s a bonus that they don’t heat up the house. Even Grace likes them, as long as we use mild … Read more

Chicken Salad Pizza

chicken salad pizza

We eat a lot of homemade pizza. Weekly, sometimes more, Joe throws a few ingredients into my big stand mixer, and he whips up a pizza crust. Joe’s pizza crusts are amazing. They are thick and chewy, but the outside and edges get a little crispy and crunchy. They brown perfectly. I’m salivating even thinking about his homemade pizza. The one we had this week was especially tasty because it was not a typical pizza. Lettuce, ranch dressing, and shredded chicken topped his fabulous crust this time. Last week, I we got a new couch. Behind the old couch, we … Read more

Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip

I love Buffalo Chicken Dip. The spicy buffalo wing sauce juxtaposed with the creamy salad dressing renders me incapable of walking away from the table whenever it’s served. It’s a sickness, I think. The first time I shared a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip, I shared my coworker’s instructions. She uses whole chicken breasts and shreds them before making the dip. We aren’t quite that put together around here, so when we need shredded chicken, we use canned. I buy Swanson shredded chicken at Sam’s Club, and it’s relatively inexpensive. This particular recipe is so mild that my kids beg … Read more

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Pizza

How to make the best chicken bacon ranch pizza recipe - This semi homemade pizza is quick and easy with a white ranch sauce and made with Pillsbury crescent rolls as a crust! Perfect comfort food and great for quick dinners!

This past weekend, we made some mostly homemade pizza, and it was delicious. You’ve heard me say this before, and I’ll say it again. I love cooking from scratch, but sometimes totally homemade food just isn’t possible. We had a busy weekend. Joe was building a pantry cupboard for our kitchen. In the kitchen. As you might imagine, it was tough to get around in there and cook, and we ended up eating a lot of convenience foods. It was better than eating out, for sure. This pizza was the best one I’ve had in months. We are planning to … Read more

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I teach in a large public high school. Did you know that, Dear Reader? I teach high school science. I eat lunch in the faculty room every day. A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Marti, brought chips and buffalo chicken dip in for the lunch crowd to share. The dip was so good that I ate an embarrassing amount. Then, when she asked if anyone wanted the leftovers to take with them, I didn’t even wait to see if someone else did before saying, “OH! I DO!” It was that good. After some kidding, Marti told me that she … Read more