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Hot Pizza Dip Recipe

The best hot pizza dip, originally from a Pampered Chef recipe - Simple and easy with cream cheese and pizza sauce, this dip is the perfect appetizer. Low carb and gluten free. Great with pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, or other pizza toppings. Perfect food for the Super Bowl or parties. Kids love this too. Lots of mozzarella cheese.

  When I was a Pampered Chef consultant, I made this hot pizza dip recipe pretty often at parties. It was always a big hit because it tastes amazing, and it’s easy to put together. The original recipe is slightly different than my version. If you want the real Pampered Chef recipe, you’ll have to Google it. We took this to our small group meeting for church, and everyone had seconds. When we make it at home, the kids make sandwiches out of their scooper chips. I don’t get it, but they always do it, so it must be a … Read more

Easy Pizza Dip

pizza dip

For party food, few things are as easy to prepare or as tasty as dips. This dip in particular is really simple to prepare, and it is always a big hit. You know me. I could eat the whole thing for supper. Or lunch. Any time, really. Photo source Print Recipe Easy Pizza Dip Servings Ingredients 8 ounces cream cheese This is a typical block of cream cheese. I prefer the 30% less fat kind.1 teaspoon Italian seasoning1 cup mozzarella shredded3/4 cup Parmesan grated fresh (This is not the stuff in the green can! You need some real cheese that … Read more

Eggplant Pizzas

eggplant pizza

We have gotten two or three eggplants from our CSA every week for almost the entire summer. Joe makes a delicious eggplant parmesan and a lovely ratatouille, but both get stale after you’ve alternated them three or four weeks in a row. We needed something new. Enter eggplant pizza. This recipe is entirely healthy, and it is loaded with vegetables.   They were delicious. We liked them so well that we made them on back-to-back nights. We ate them all on Wednesday night and made them again on Thursday. That’s a good recipe! A note on Grace’s reaction I’m still … Read more

Potato Crust Pizza – A New Twist on an Old Favorite

We eat a lot of homemade pizza. Almost every Sunday afternoon, Joe uses our stand mixer to make a batch of pizza dough. He pre-bakes it, and then lets it sit for most of the afternoon, until we’re ready to top and eat it. I love having homemade pizza on Sundays. It’s a comfort food tradition. And you know I’ve been loving the comfort food for the last couple of months. We ran out of yeast a couple weeks ago, but Joe didn’t want to forgo our pizza tradition. He improvised. We did have ten pounds of potatoes, so Joe … Read more