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Leek Tart

Not too long ago, I followed a link from a site that I love to a blog called Storm of Thoughts (no longer a live site). I’d never been there before, and I thought I’d have a look around. I loved it and subscribed so that I wouldn’t miss any new posts. My favorite post on Storm of Thoughts was for this Leek Tart. Chrissy’s pictures were gorgeous, and I knew this was just the kind of dish I’d love to cook and eat. I decided to prepare it for Easter dinner. I’m glad I did. It was my favorite … Read more

Baked Spaghetti Squash Casserole with Ground Beef, Tomatoes, and Cheese

How to cook spaghetti squash casserole - This is the best recipe for a low carb casserole with ground beef, tomatoes, Italian seasoning, and cheddar cheese. Use the microwave to make the squash. Very healthy, whole 30, paleo, keto. Start on the stovetop and then bake in the oven.

Original post from November, 2008: I love to eat. Did you know that, Dear Reader? It’s true. I love to eat. Joe and I have long been curious about spaghetti squash, but we never ventured to buy one before. This week, we did. Incidentally, we paid $5.63 for our spaghetti squash at the super chain grocery store we like to visit, and then found them for under $2 at the local farm store. Remember how I said to buy local? It really is cheaper. Anyway, we bought an overpriced spaghetti squash, brought it home, and sat it on the dining … Read more