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Warm Turkey Bacon Wrap

How do you organize your recipes? I need a better system. We will eat a recipe every week for months, and then one of us gets sick of it. It gets tucked into a cookbook or onto a shelf, and we don’t eat it again for a year. If we’re lucky, one of us finds it when looking for something, and the process starts all over. This recipe is one of those. We used to keep the supplies on hand all the time; we ate them at least twice a week. We may start eating them often again. I think … Read more

Deviled Eggs

I have not made deviled eggs since I was in college. That was ten years ago. I didn’t exactly remember what to do. I have made hard cooked eggs since I was in college, and they always come out badly. The yolks turn green, the whites get rubbery, and the peels stick so tightly to the eggs that I lose huge chunks when I try to peel them off. I did some research, and I found a terrific tutorial for hard cooking eggs at The Hungry Mouse. I cooked the eggs exactly as Jessie explained, using Julia Child’s method. Jessie … Read more