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Zesty Horseradish Sauce

If you like Burger King’s Zesty Sauce, you are in for a treat! This recipe comes very close to the original with all of the creamy goodness you love including a burst of horseradish and the tang of a little ketchup and lemon juice. You have to give this a try with onion rings, french fries, and even on sandwiches! Print Recipe Zesty Horseradish Sauce This sauce is so good you can eat it with a spoon! The zip of horseradish is balanced out with just a hint of sweetness. You might want to double or triple it! Course Condiment, … Read more

The Best Broccoli Salad Recipe

The Best Broccoli Salad You'll Ever Eat

I love broccoli. I love it raw, baked, drenched in cheese, and splashed with balsamic vinegar. I’ve never met a broccoli dish I didn’t like. When Joe and I were thinking about adding a vegetable dish to our beloved Thanksgiving feast, we both thought of broccoli, but neither of us had a recipe in mind. Suddenly, it was the night before our feast, and we still hadn’t decided on a recipe. I took matters into my own hands. I was glad to have a couple of bags of Beneforté® broccoli. It’s washed, cut in bite-sized pieces, and ready to use, so … Read more

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breasts with Fresh Asparagus

There is no food on earth that tastes as good as the food you pick from your own garden (or your dad’s garden, as the case was for us today). This afternoon, we walked to my parents’ house and cut the first asparagus of the season. Less than two hours later, we were eating the tender, buttery stalks (roasted, of course) alongside parmesan crusted chicken breasts. Everything was perfectly cooked and perfectly fresh and perfectly juicy. It could not have tasted better. It was the kind of meal that makes you want to overeat because it just tastes so good. … Read more

Turkey Salad – Perfect for Holiday Leftovers

leftover turkey recipe

After a major holiday, Joe and I usually eat leftovers of the holiday meal over and over and over. It’s pure laziness. We eat Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner or Easter dinner five or six or seven times over the course of the weekend. I wouldn’t mind that, except that I’m not a huge fan of roast turkey. After Thanksgiving this year, I was hoping to find a way to use up some of our turkey without actually eating a bunch of leftover turkey with gravy. This recipe was born. Instead of eating roast turkey six times, I made this … Read more

Hoagie Dip

Now that I’m lactating instead of gestating, I can eat all of the foods I avoided during pregnancy – cold cuts, hot dogs, soft cheese, and a little Mountain Dew. I’m livin’ large. And if you believe that… Anyway, I avoided this dip when I was pregnant because it’s served cold and full of deli meat, but Joe and our friends gobbled it down. They raved about it, and it’s become a staple at our monthly get togethers. Print Recipe Hoagie Dip Servings Ingredients 1 medium onion2 pepperoncini1/2 head iceberg lettuce (Oh how I hate iceberg lettuce. But really, it … Read more

Bacon and Cheddar Deviled Eggs Recipe

The Best Bacon & Cheddar Deviled Eggs recipe - Lots of cheese. Great appetizer!

I’m drooling over the title; aren’t you?

I love deviled eggs. Everyone I know loves deviled eggs.

Around here, a dozen deviled eggs disappears before I even set the plate down.

I found this recipe at the America Egg Board website that I mentioned a few days ago.