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Quick and Easy Black Bean Burritos

The best vegetarian black bean burritos recipe - These quick and easy wraps have beens, rice, and corn with Mexican spices and make the perfect dinner or lunch. Wrapped in a tortilla. Could be gluten-free and vegan with a few modifications.

It’s probably obvious, but we love Mexican-inspired meals around here. Our favorites at the moment are grilled burritos, BBQ chicken enchiladas, cheese and onion enchiladas, spicy beans and rice, and breakfast burritos. These quick and easy black bean burritos are quickly gaining favor, too. I like them because they come together in about five seconds (okay, a little more than that, but not much), and Joe likes them because they remind him of one of our favorite food joints, Neato Burrito. It’s a bonus that they don’t heat up the house. Even Grace likes them, as long as we use mild … Read more

Touchdown Sandwich

  We are a football family. Both Joe and I went to Penn State, and we are in love with our alma mater. We rarely miss a Penn State football game. We started Grace watching football when she was very small. It was a hard sell at first, but in the last year or so, she’s become pretty interested. When Chef Jill Houk from Sara Lee said her son would be carrying this Touchdown Sandwich in his lunch for Take Your Whole Grain Sandwich to School Day (today!), I knew that I would post it for Grace’s Kitchen.   Chef … Read more