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Chicken Crust Pizza – The Best Low Carb & Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

The best simple & easy low carb chicken crust pizza - Uses ground chicken to make a crispy crust, topped with shredded cheese and other toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms. Great for bariatric patients and those on a keto, paleo diet. Very healthy and high in protein.

The one single food I have missed the most since my bariatric surgery is pizza. I have missed it so much that I have occasionally picked the cheese and pepperoni off of a slice of pizza and eaten it, just to have the flavor of the pizza. If you’re new here, I had bariatric gastric sleeve surgery in early April 2017, and I have lost 190 pounds so far (16 months at the time of publishing). I read early on that bariatric patients who do not eat carbs do the best in terms of long-term success, so I do not … Read more

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breasts with Fresh Asparagus

There is no food on earth that tastes as good as the food you pick from your own garden (or your dad’s garden, as the case was for us today). This afternoon, we walked to my parents’ house and cut the first asparagus of the season. Less than two hours later, we were eating the tender, buttery stalks (roasted, of course) alongside parmesan crusted chicken breasts. Everything was perfectly cooked and perfectly fresh and perfectly juicy. It could not have tasted better. It was the kind of meal that makes you want to overeat because it just tastes so good. … Read more

Garden Pasta

Garden season is upon us, and I couldn’t be happier. Joe is battling a groundhog for dominance in his newly expanded garden, but the hot, rainy weather is helping our plants to move right along. On top of that, we frequent a few local farmers’ roadside stands to pick up things that aren’t yet ready in our own garden. Suffice it to say that we’re eating a lot of whole, healthy, local food, and we love it. Today, Grace and I picked up 2 pounds of peas, a pint of black raspberries, and 3 small zucchinis from a farm stand … Read more

Sauteed Chicken Salad

I didn’t know what to call this recipe.
I was hungry for salad today. On my way home from work, I called Joe, and I asked him to pick up some vegetables and salad fixings so that we could have a nice big dinner salad.
You know what they say about Momma being happy. Joe stopped at the store.

Smoky Mac & Cheese

Remember last week, when I told you about the recipes that Joe brought home from The Patriot-News? The first recipe we tried was for spicy pulled pork, and it was really good. The next recipe from that article that we tried was smoky macaroni and cheese. It is comfort food at its finest, laden with cheese and heavy cream. As Cookie Monster would say, this is a sometimes food. But it’s sometimes now, and I ate this one all week, too. It was magnificent. The bread crumbs on top are crunchy and the sauce is just spicy enough to be … Read more