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Banana Crumble featuring Angostura Bitters

banana crumble

I don’t drink alcohol. Did you know that already, Dear Reader? I’m not sure if it’s ever come up before. I don’t object to alcohol; I just don’t partake. There was a time in my life when I enjoyed a drink or six now and then, and there are plenty of stories of debauchery floating around in the annals of my college days. Along with some of my fraternity brothers, I even became a certified bartender. We took classes, learned methods, and took tests. Somewhere, I have a certificate to prove my skills. But now, I am old. I have … Read more

Pizza Meatloaf

When we have meatloaf at my house, I slather it with A1 sauce. A1 sauce is one of my favorite condiments in the whole world. No one paid me or sent me any free stuff or in any other way contacted me to talk about A1 sauce. Just saying. Anyway, I was very hesitant to try a meatloaf that did not play well with A1 sauce. When I saw the recipe for Pizza Meatloaf in the Unilever Consumer Kitchens Twitter stream, I had to click over to the article. The photo in the Pizza Meatloaf recipe looked really good, and … Read more