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Green Beans with Caramelized Onions

We are right in the middle of let’s eat vegetables right out of the garden season in Pennsylvania. Or, we would be if our garden was producing any vegetables. Fortunately, we belong to the CSA from Spiral Path Farms, and we are picking up loads of veggies every week. The one vegetable that I could eat every day and night, regardless of where it came from, is the green bean. I love whole green beans. We’ve had green beans three times in the last week. They just always taste good to me. I really love this recipe. We first served … Read more

Cool Cucumber Salsa

How to make the best cucumber salsa recipe - This simple and easy dip uses crisp, fresh veggies and spicy peppers for the ultimate salsa!

I have a little mirror attached to the rearview mirror in my car. It telescopes and twists and turns so that I can keep an eye on my babe while I’m driving. I picked up our CSA share today, and I set the bag on the back seat as I do every week. This week, when I got in the front seat, I saw something that really made me laugh. I didn’t scold her or take it away because – seriously? The kid grabbed a fresh cucumber out of the bag and starting eating it! It was a parent’s dream. … Read more