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Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

cheesy cauliflower soup

Grace is picky. I don’t actually call her picky (in my head or out loud). I would like to believe this is just a phase, and she’s going to grow out of it soon. At least, that’s what I tell myself. We aren’t desperate, but we do play tricks to coax her out of this picky eating business. One such trick is to allow her to plan our meals. Skeptical? It works. We don’t do it every day (not even every week), but when I let Grace choose what we’ll have for dinner, she picks healthy foods and eats them. … Read more

Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

tofu stir fry with peanut sauce

I was a vegetarian for more than 10 years. I loved being a vegetarian. I only eat meat now because it’s easier to eat what my family eats. It’s easier to eat a balanced diet with meat in the picture. So anyway. When I was in college, I was a vegetarian, and I ate in whatever meatless options the dining hall served. Penn State’s dining halls have really great vegetarian and vegan options. I met a variety of awesome foods including BBQ seitan (so good!) and stir fry with peanut sauce. I was dubious about peanut sauce, but once I … Read more

Marinated Cauliflower

marinated cauliflower

On our third or fourth date, Joe took me to a Penn State football game. Incidentally, that was the date on which I knew we’d get married. It was uncanny. Anyway, I’d never been tailgating before. I’d been to lots and lots of football games as a student, but I hadn’t been to a football game since I’d graduated, and I had just never done the tailgating thing. I didn’t really know what to expect. Imagine my surprise when the nervous fellow I’d been seeing opened the trunk of his car and began to grab dish after dish, container after … Read more

Quick and Easy Homemade Stir Fry

Summer is quickly approaching, and the Feels like Home family is gearing up for the glut of fresh vegetables that will soon inundate our kitchen, dining room, patio, and back yard. Joe and I have been discussing our summer plans. We are going to minimize our dependence on grocery stores in favor of smaller, more local, and more sustainable options. We’re also going to decrease our meat intake, instead focusing on the wealth of summer veggies. Joe suggested a summer stir fry like the one we had for dinner tonight. I could eat this (or some variation of it) every … Read more