How to Make Homemade Reuben Sandwiches (Can Be Gluten-Free)
This recipe is dictated from Joe. You’ll know where I’ve interjected my thoughts.
    • 8slices breadWe used Udi’s gluten-free ancient grain millet chia for me and Sara Lee Soft & Smooth whole grain white for everyone else. I don’t like to share my special gluten-free bread.
    • 1can corned beef(Joe says the best way to do this is to buy sliced corned beef, but he can’t buy it because I restrict his grocery budget. I say reuben sandwiches are better with canned corned beef, and both of my children agree. You can find cans of corned beef near the Spamthe grocery store. Joe says it’s called the canned meat section.)
    • 15oz sauerkraut(Joe and I disagree about this, too. He says bags of sauerkraut are better than cans of sauerkraut. Cans taste more like what my mom and Old Grandma made when I was little, so that’s what we eat.)
    • 4slices of Swiss cheese
    • Thousand Island salad dressing(if you’re gluten-free, check the label)
    1. Toast the bread.
    2. Open the can of corned beef, dump it into a sauté pan, break it into little pieces, and cook until it’s browning and heated through.
    3. Assemble the sandwich – a piece of toasted bread, a healthy scoop of corned beef, a healthy scoop of sauerkraut, a slice of Swiss cheese, a healthy squirt of Thousand Island dressing, and the other piece of toasted bread (although Joe and I have lately been eating our reuben sandwiches open-faced, because they have fewer calories that way).
    4. Pop the sandwich in the microwave for 45-60 seconds or until the sauerkraut is heated and the cheese is melty.

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