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How NOT to Make a Snow Cone

I am so amazing and fabulous that everything I do turns out beautifully.

…in my dreams. {ahem}

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought making homemade snow cones was the best idea ever.

I looked up lots of recipes online, and they were all about the same.

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How NOT to Make a Snow Cone
  1. Boil the water. Add the Kool-Aid and chill.
  2. When it's cold, pour the Kool-Aid mixture over the snow.
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Sounds very easy, doesn’t it? I thought so. Except. We didn’t have an Kool-Aid. We did have Jello, however, and I was under the impression that all overly-sugared, artificially-colored powdery mixes would work in the recipe. After some debate, Joe dug out all of the Jello. There was cherry, black cherry, orange, black berry, peach, apricot, and pineapple. Not long ago, however, I discovered that I’m sensitive to red dye #40, and I fully intended to eat one of my amazing snow cones. We scoured the boxes for mention of red dye #40. That left us with only two options – apricot and pineapple. I asked Grace which she wanted, and she picked pineapple (probably because she’s never even heard of an apricot). No one had the forethought to think that yellow snow cones were a bad idea.

While we waited for the water to boil, Grace and I filled bowls with snow.

Once the bowls were full, we had to wait a long time til the water boiled and then cooled. Grace was not interested in all of the waiting, so she went downstairs to play.

I experimented with making snow balls, thinking that the snow cones would have a nice texture if I packed them tightly.

Finally, I couldn’t wait any more the liquid was slightly cooler, and I decided to try out the snow cone.

Isn’t that beautiful?

{cough, cough}

Grace thought it looked tasty. She told me so while licking her lips.

I made the other two snow cones, and I put them on the table.

Joe stirred and stirred his, like a kid who wants to make it look like he’s eaten some of his peas without actually ingesting any.

Grace decided that her snow cone would be better with sprinkles. I poured them on my snow cone, too, but it made no difference.

It was terrible without sprinkles. It was terrible with sprinkles.

It was terrible.

I don’t know whether the problem was polluted snow (acid rain? smoke from a neighbor’s fire place?) or that the Jello was at least 10 years old or that I used Jello instead of Kool-Aid. Or maybe the problem was something else all together (like the fact that snow cones are made of ice and not really snow at all). Honestly, I’ve never much cared for snow cones anyway. We won’t be trying this again.

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7 thoughts on “How NOT to Make a Snow Cone”

  1. Yellow snow is never a good sign. 😀 j/k I love snow cones, but I'm not so sure about Jello ones. I'm sure it would be fun to watch them wiggle and see them jiggle, though. I kid…I kid…

    Listen, I ain't one to judge. I've had my share of hideous homemade things, too. You're just brave enough to post them and admit failure which is a huge achievement in my mind. Better luck next time!

  2. Haha! We actually tried something similar last month when we had all of that snow on the ground. It was called Snow Candy. The name (I'm thinking because it had the word “candy” in it) was inviting to me and my kids so we tried it. Unfortunately, the recipe called for A LOT of molasses. We all gagged at the first bite and then had to deal with the house smelling like molasses for the rest of the day. My husband came in from snowblowing and said, “What in the world is that smell?”

  3. I learned the hard way when I was 11. YOU NEVER FREEZE JELLO!! I was craving popsicles really bad one night, and all we had was jello. So, I prepared the jello @ put it in the freezer. About 2 hrs later I went back & pulled the jello out. IT WAS THE WORST THING I HAD EVER TASTED!! That was almost 30 yrs ago & I can STILL taste it! So, I think your ordeal was because ice & jello DO NOT MIX!

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