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Cinnamon Fluffernutter Toast’wiches

Cinnamon Fluffernutter Sandwiches

It’s a Week of Waffles at Feels Like Home! Being that I’m a Chief Waffle Officer, I’ll be posting waffle recipes featuring Eggo Waffles all week – from April 1 to April 7. I’ll share some breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert recipes, so make sure you come back each day for my most recent creation! (In the interest of disclosure – Eggo Waffles are not gluten-free. In most cases, my family enjoyed my waffle treat while I ate a gluten-free version of the recipe.)

This is another one of those too easy to call it a recipe recipes. These, together with my strawberry shortcake napoleons from yesterday, will make you a hero among moms. Are you acquainted with the miracle that is fluffernutter? Fluffernutter is the amalgam of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, both irritatingly sticky substances that, when mixed, become completely non-sticky (what’s the opposite of sticky?) and sweetly delicious. (I didn’t mix them because I didn’t want to dirty a bowl. And they’re prettier when in layers.) Back to the ingredients. Thanks to our rice krispies nests a few weeks ago, Grace is in love with the miraculous marshmallow fluff. It’s pretty much candy, but it’s redeemed in my snack sandwiches by cinnamon waffles and some peanut butter. I meant to slice some bananas to stick in the middle of these, but I forgot. I was too enchanted by the aroma of these little waffles. I may have eaten all three of the above sandwiches, gluten and all. I couldn’t help myself. I knew my hands would hurt, but I threw caution to the wind and ate them. They tasted even better than they look. They would have been better yet if I’d remembered the banana, but I didn’t. Next time.

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Cinnamon Fluffernutter Toast'wiches
Cinnamon Fluffernutter Sandwiches
Cinnamon Fluffernutter Sandwiches
  1. Toast both of the cinnamon toast waffles. When they're ready, cut the little toast pieces apart.
    mini fluffernutter sandwiches
  2. Spread marshmallow fluff on half of the toast pieces, and spread peanut butter on the other half. (Notice how my toast pieces were disappearing? Grace was sitting at the table, stealing them when I wasn't looking. She had eaten her snack before I assembled and photographed the sandwiches.)
    mini fluffernutter sandwiches
  3. Place one slice of banana on top of the fluff on half of the toasts.
  4. Stick the peanut butter on top of the fluff and banana. Serve while the toast is still warm from the toaster.
    mini fluffernutter sandwiches
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mini fluffernutter sandwiches With the banana in the middle, these cover 3 food groups, and they’re a fine way to get some healthy protein into your kids’ bellies. We (I?) had ours for an afternoon snack, but I think they’d be nice for any time of the day.

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