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The Healthy Marriage Solution

$46.00 $22.00

Jump start the romance and intimacy in your marriage and build the marriage you've always dreamed of!

You want to work on your marriage, but you don't know where to start.


The Healthy Marriage Solution is a curated collection of resources designed to equip you to strengthen your marriage. It includes everything you need to start changing your marriage for the better TODAY.

Maybe your relationship is struggling. Maybe you are too busy. Maybe you're just overwhelmed with children and commitments and forget or don't have the energy to be encouraging and cheerful and friendly.



Two hearts.
One life.
One great marriage.​


The Healthy Marriage Solution contains over 100 pages of marriage-building advice & printables, including:

  • The Lift Up Your Husband challenge – This challenge will help you make practical & lasting changes to improve your marriage in 30 days. ($15)
  • A date night planner printable to help you decide what to do when you get a night out or a night in together
  • 86 date night ideas for going out printable ($2)
  • 102 date night ideas for staying in printable ($2)
  • A marriage bucket list planner to help you dream about what your future together might hold
  • 100 couples bucket list ideas printable ($2) 
  • 3 topical prayer calendars for you, your husband, and your marriage to focus your prayer time on the things that really matter ($2) 
  • An alternate prayer plan for wives who are too busy to manage 3 separate calendars
  • 92 love letter prompts to get the juices flowing ($2)
  • 118 ways to love your husband – with a discussion of love language & what that means for marital relationships ($2) 
  • A personal play list that has nothing to do with music 
  • A couple’s play list that will give you ample opportunities to “just be” together
  • 270 conversation starter cards for married couples ($5)
  • 28 printable scripture cards on love & marriage ($6)
  • 63 Bible verses on love & marriage
  • 90 ways to reconnect with your spouse ($3)
  • Worth the Fight: Creating a Good Marriage Despite a Rocky Past – This all-new 40-page resource is a guidebook for couples struggling to create a strong marriage despite a history of marital strain and stress. It lays out the 11 puzzle pieces that my husband and I have found (the hard way) are the most important components of a healthy marriage with practical tips and strategies to recreate them in your unique relationship. ($6)
  • 19 additional marriage books & resources to give you more inspiration, encouragement, and ideas to improve your relationship3

And in the midst of all this change, you will grow closer to God and to your man and everything will get better.

A Word from the Author

Tara Ziegmont, M.Ed.

My husband and I have spent more than 6 years in emotionally focused therapy together to heal hurts caused by our childhoods and by each other. I am proud to say we now have a very strong, healthy marriage, and we are here to help you build your marriage up to its full potential.

This collection features a 30-day challenge that I carried out in 2019 to rejuvenate my marriage and develop it into the holy blessing that God intended and a 40+ page ebook, plus more than 50 pages worth of marriage resources you can use to build up your marriage anytime.

We have a passion for helping other couples who are where we were, struggling with too-busy lives, demanding children, and a lack of emotional intimacy. We can help you restore your marriage to the blessing God intended it to be!

What Readers Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a downloadable product or will a book be shipped to my home?

A: This is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped.

Q: I know my marriage needs help, but $22 for a download? Isn’t that a little steep?

A: I know $22 sounds like a lot, but consider this:
  • ONE HOUR of marriage counseling often costs between $100 and $200 – and it may not be covered insurance.
  • Typical marriage counseling takes 6 months of weekly or biweekly sessions – or more – to see results
  • My husband and I have invested thousands of dollars over more than 6 years to attend emotionally focused therapy to learn the tools discussed in this collection of valuable resources.
  • I think this collection is worth a lot more than $22 and even more than the $46 the individual pieces would add up to, but I want to make it accessible for readers like you to fix their struggling marriages.

Q: It can’t be that easy. Print out some pretty lists and my marriage is fixed?

A: You’re right. It’s not that easy. You and your husband are going to have to put in a lot of time and effort to make your marriage strong and healthy. No collection of resources, no matter how awesome, can do the work for you. What The Healthy Marriage Solution CAN do for you is guide you through a series of marriage-building activities – serving one another, caring for one another, creating fun memories as a couple, and integrating the 11 puzzle pieces of a great relationship into yours. In working through the collection and checking the boxes, you will find your marriage becoming stronger and more vital – and healthier.

Have more questions? Email me at [email protected].


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