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Simple & Easy Christmas String Art Templates for Kids & Adults

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These simple & easy string art templates are the perfect Christmas craft for kids & adults. The simpler designs would be great for preschoolers or younger elementary kids, and the more detailed designs would be perfect for tweens, teens, and adults. You can use one color or multiple colors depending on your attention span and interest.

These templates are pre-sized to fit 3.5-inch wood slices. All you'll need to do to create gorgeous string art ornaments is cut out around the template (a blob around is good enough), tape the template onto the wood slice, pound a nail into the wood at some of the dots on the template, rip off the template off, and wind string around the nails in your desired pattern. To finish, you can screw an eye into the wood and hang.

I love this craft! You can have a look at this blog post for finished examples of the string art ornaments, created by my 8-year-old, 11-year-old, and by me, and read my step by step string art tutorial and tips for beginners here. 


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