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My Thoughts: A Printable Guided Freewriting Journal for Tweens, Teens, & Adults


This 148-page journal includes 68 prompt pages and 76 matching blank lined pages to expand your thoughts on the prompts or write about your own topics. Pages print 2 to a sheet, so it only takes 74 printed sheets of paper and will paste into a 5″x8″ journal, if you want a more permanent binding.

These cute printable pages are awesome for tween and teen girls as well as women of all ages. It can be used for guided freewriting in a homeschool or formal school setting as well as a traditional journal in a less structured setting. The prompts will make you think about your life and choices, as well as your past and future.

I personally love journaling as a means of self-care. Journaling allows me to tap into a normally unexplored area of my brain, a place where I don't have to censor my thoughts and can just freely write about whatever pops up. It leaves me feeling free and light and unburdened. I wish the same for you.

You can read more about this printable journal in this blog post.

This printable 74-page guided freewriting journal can be used by women and tween and teen girls. The page templates contain quotes and prompts so you will never run out of things to write about. Can be pasted into a bullet journal or assembled with a binding. Simple, fun ideas for recording your thoughts on a variety of life subjects. Awesome inspiration for students, teachers, and homeschooling.


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