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Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt (Not Religious)

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This super cute scavenger hunt will have your kids hunting for their Easter baskets all over the house and yard! My kids love it, and it's really easy to set up the night before Easter.


How to Create an Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

  1. Download and print out the clues I put together using clipart from Stockberry Studio.
  2. Cut the clues apart.
  3. Get a bunch of plastic Easter eggs.
  4. Put the first clue in a plastic Easter egg. Leave several jelly beans in eggs with the clue-filled egg somewhere your kids will find it. I'm thinking we'll put ours in a basket on the dining room table.
  5. Clue 2 – Repeat the jelly bean eggs with clue-filled egg thing outside the front door.
  6. Clue 3 – Freezer
  7. Clue 4 – Hamper
  8. Clue 5 – Under a bush in the yard
  9. Clue 6 – On the couch
  10. Clue 7 – Inside a shoe
  11. Clue 8 – In the mailbox
  12. Clue 9 – A place where you put your toys away
  13. Easter basket – In the car

Because this requires only about 15 minutes of prep, you could print these out and have them ready to go even the night before Easter.

You sort of have to wait until the last minute anyway. You couldn't hardly put the eggs and clues out before the night before!

I'd love to hear if you used these clues and how your kids liked them!


Update: I designed these at the last minute in 2016, and I saved the post for March 2017. The scavenger hunt was a HUGE hit with my kids, and I plan to do the same one again this year. They loved running around, finding clues, and hunting. It was great.

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