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An Intentional Summer: A Planning Guide for Moms


I know you've heard the guilt-inducing meme on Facebook:

You only have 18 summers with your kids. Make every one count.

I'm all for that for the most part. I know my time with my kids is short, and their time as children is short.

But while I want to make the most of those 18 summers with my kids, I also need to make time for my own good mental, physical, and spiritual health as well as the needs of my husband, home, and career.

That's why having an INTENTIONAL summer is so very important.

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Your summer matters, so plan it.

When I went looking for a summer planner that would meet my needs as a work from home mom, I couldn’t find the planning guide I wanted. 

I needed something that would uncover *my* goals for these months, but I also wanted something that would incorporate my kids’ and my husband’s needs and wants as well.

I needed something that would help me to find biblical encouragement for my goals.

I needed something that would inspire fun, good health, and family memories.

Intentional Summer Planner pages - Choosing a heart goal and Bible verse.
Intentional Summer Planner - Summer Bucket List for Families

I couldn’t find anything like that, so I did what anyone would do.

I created one myself.

Your Intentional Summer Planning Guide will help you to backwards plan your summer, starting with the number of weeks you have to work with and the things you really want to be and have and have done when school starts in the fall.

You’ll identify a heart goal for your summer, the focus that you want to maintain throughout the whole season that will be a yard stick against which you can measure every activity and opportunity that crosses your path.

What’s included in the planning guide?

  • 13 pages of questions that will help you identify your heart goal, biblical encouragement, and appropriate activities
  • Surveys for your spouse & kids to contribute to your summer planning
  • 111 free or cheap ideas for family fun
  • An extensive summer bucket list
  • Your family’s bucket list planner
  • The best board games for non-readers
  • The best board games for tweens, teens, & adults
  • A complete summer reading list for moms & kids
  • Calendar pages for June – September
  • Spaces to record memories from every day of the summer
Intentional Summer Planner - Calendar and printables

You can have an amazing AND relaxing summer.

You just need to plan ahead, set a heart goal, and follow through. You can do this, mama. With this planner in your corner, you’re sure to be a wild success.

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