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3 Topical Monthly Prayer Calendars for Your Marriage


Do you ever sit down to pray and think, “Now what God?”

We all know that we should be praying for our marriages daily, but what are you supposed to be praying?

These prayer calendars are your answer.

3 different prayer calendars, one for your husband, one for yourself as a wife, and one for your relationship as a couple will provide you the material you need for Bible-based prayers. Each day features a trait of a good spouse or relationship, like humility, honesty, and trustworthiness, along with a Bible verse that relates.

Also included are an explanation of how to pray scripture so that you can just open your Bible and read the scripture as a prayer when you don't have any additional  words to say.

The last thing that's included with these prayer calendars is a weekly prayer calendar. If you don't have time to pray 3 separate prayers for yourself, your husband, and your marriage, pull out the weekly schedule and say a quick prayer using that topic as a guide. These are things like thought life and spiritual walk.

Whether you choose to pray scripture over your marriage or just say a quick thank you, your prayer life will be increased and that will transform your relationship. Try it and see what I mean!


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